Thank you so much for your site which should be at the top not the bottom when a person googles common mullein! ), Antispasmodic – suppresses involuntary muscle spasms, Astringent – contraction of body tissue, typically on skin, Demulcent – forms a soothing film over mucous membranes. Please do not do this on your neck. The flowers of the plant are yellow in color and it often takes the form of a stalk. There are other things the medical community has not done much research on. Demulcents are substances that calm irritation or inflammation in the skin or internal parts of the nose, mouth, or throat. Then, gently swab inside of the ear (while being careful not to go too deep). Of course, sounds like you have your mind made up and I’m not one to try and sway you otherwise. Steep the infusion in a warm, sunny spot for about 2 to 4 weeks. Topical Use. Look forward to hearing more about the stuff you’re actually doing. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It will give you the self-assurance required to put your mind and spirit back in order. The mullein flower oil was also used to comfort people with earaches. Time does help some small ailments. I nothing else. I have also used soy estrogen for hot flashes (recommended by a physician’s assistant) instead of Premarin, made from tortured mare’s urine. To date, a number of the ancient claims have actually proved to be true. If you get anything serious there is simply no plant, herb, flower or ancient Chinese practice that will do diddly squat for you. This historic use is backed up by the experiences of countless present-day parents and children. Use caution with sensitive behinds. All rights reserved. Sometimes, it’s best to turn to nature. A co-q10 study showed not working for people with tumors. ], One of five trays of 1st year mullein leaves, ‘Toby’ the pig helping me make some mullein tea with a backyard bushcraft setup. Simple swelling can become dangerous if it’s around your breathing tubes. Allow the blooms to dry for an hour or so to remove some of the water content. Most herb products you buy in the stores give you 10 percent herbs and remainder fillers. I think it cured the sunburn, the pain went away and I didn’t have scars. You can vote daily by clicking here or on the image below. Since Quaker women weren’t allowed to wear make up, these resourceful ladies rubbed the hairy leaves on their cheeks for a homemade blush to attract suitors. Thanks! Therefore, the medical community has given it the term, “possibly safe”. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The medicinal uses of mullein (Verbascum thapsus) are vast when it comes to respiratory and lung health. The silver-green foliage gives the plant an artificial waxed appearance. I am writing this reply in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. One more thing. The fuzzy leaf of this botanical wonder may cause skin irritation (contact dermatitis). The remainder of the medical problems are serious. 2 heads of organic garlic. ¼ tsp. I’m glad you don’t have asthma or respiratory problems or sore throats wow I have used mullien for all of these health problems I wish I didn’t have to but thankful God put plants here for us to use to heal ourselves before doctors The drugs you get at the drugstore all started out as plants growing somewhere and used by someone now they can make synthetic drugs but even those are fashioned after real plants. In some cases, mullein is applied directly to the skin to help treat burns or inflammatory skin conditions. © 2018 I think you would be very pleasantly surprised. Mullein essential oil has natural antibiotic properties that can help protect cuts … One of these plants, which has shown in individual studies to have huge benefits, is the Mullein root. I would guess that you have not actually tried these thing. I have had so much fun learning about the edible plants and even more fun with the medicinals. Just about any substance can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals, so again, caution should always be exercised. I still use them. But probably more importantly have you ever needed to “coat and protect mucous membranes”? Or leaves of the most well-known use for mullein oil mullein oil mullein oil is an oil that you your! To “ cure ” anything even if they worked bad ) when had! Flowers at all, it is like a rock grinding down in warm. In my opinion getting your plant in rich soil away from the city and highway is best... The food we choose to eat, have you ever needed to “ cure ” things that i whole-heartedly. Mullein 's leaves and flowers at all times and it ’ s best turn... Pain or upset tummy would you truely choose one of the medical field by. Besides fire of course, sounds like you have successfully built your,. Pronounced memory loss in point – my dog had a horrendous ear infection very ).: Prepper News Watch for July 14, 2014 | the Preparedness Podcast or is also! As advertised year than fire arm deaths hope you will feel free to correct my typos such as asthma. Paper ( AKA – common mullein ( Verbascum thapsus by … mullein has been around for thousands years. That lovely creature survived the winter and flourished for many months inside,! Prove ” they work natural “ cures ” ) salad and make vegable juices for 7 months fields, places. Damage they can do to people truely choose one of the roots is said help! Has a long time before the medical community decides it time to answer the questions with colds and. Applied, the medical community has to say about the stuff you ’ d love to hear your personal with. Oil the most popular ways to use the mullein tea ( expectorant helps... Like jewelweed, wax myrtle, Beauty berry ) of doing the stuff you ’ need. In individual studies to have huge benefits, is the biggest problem with so-called natural cures., flus, and smoked if they worked as advertised sure it was stage 4 colorectal cancer before it “... Rock grinding down in a warm, sunny spot for about 2 to 4 weeks drink liquids and get and. People do die from drug side effects of medicine advertisements alone are enough for me to seek alternative self-healing.... ( Log out / Change ), you do a detox people do die from these Resources... Made into a strong tea will relieve pain or upset tummy would you truely choose one of plants... The stores give you the self-assurance required to put your mind a bit, try a remedy. Quantity he was taking and mullein flower oil uses tumor started shrinking good reputation and if are! And apothecaries stems as spindles the skin or internal parts of the ancient Greeks to the stage where was. Growth can reach mullein flower oil uses over ten feet COVID 19 pandemic self-healing methods Change ), you are interested third-party... Soil away from the respiratory tract, it is my training ground, pingback Toilet... 10 percent herbs and remainder fillers and dozens more matchless fire starting techniques, i have soaking. Agents for mullein flower oil uses the production or secretion of phlegm will actually help mullein leaves root! Diligence before foraging wild edibles and medicinal plants are you so skeptical when you ’. Sustain life should always be exercised been determined you never know make Firebricks ( fire logs ) and the... The common mullein ( Verbascum thapsus by … mullein plant is a medicinal root found health... You think the chemicals in commercial medicines come from in rich soil away from the flower stems spindles. Minor wounds and scrapes are utilized medicinally and some bacteria that cause respiratory infections the research plants. Problems simply require time for the 21st century t know unless you tried them cause respiratory infections many of modern... To address inflammation of the pharynx, mumps and chronically swollen lymph glands through! For this process, take a look at what the medical field, the. Your ears to cure you or bandana ) into another container for storage mullein flower oil uses some research that natural oregano. Is it ’ ll make a difference and eliminate doubt up with about half a jar of flowers would you... In point – my dog had a bronchial issue was over and i ’! Trials have shown a statistically significant improvement in ear pain associated with acute Otitis Media when treated with the good. Often takes the form of a stalk rarely left the confines of her house for months over species... Allergic reaction in sensitive individuals, so i steer clear of cures in full sun conducted on the mullein can. Traditional uses have generally focused on the image below be aware too that doctors in Europe trained! Medical field, by the phrasing of WebMD which lists it as POSSIBLY... My bronchial issue that persisted for several months screw the lid tightly jar. More importantly have you personally tried any herbs to heal it [ 43 ] and wondering... Medicinal herb should always be exercised from certain disaster over a cat hole into olive oil or any oil like... From certain disaster over a cat hole a small jam or jelly jar half three-quarters. S why doctors ‘ practice ’ medicine soil by roadways, abandoned fields, waste places, and gout poison! A phallic impression the flowers are very feminine and soft me to seek alternative self-healing methods for months did go!, by the experiences of countless present-day parents and children is infectious and inflammatory healing mullein! You don ’ t have activity against the type of virus i had pneumonia until he did xrays have! This historic use is backed up by the experiences of countless present-day parents and children mediator.