Large, simple leaves, wax-coated blue-grey, form a base for branching stems holding large, elegant, cone flowers; tall, narrow black centres are surrounded by long, languid, yellow petals. This unique species thrives in sunny sites with deep moist soils or in average garden conditions. Site produced by Clarity Connect, Inc, Yellow reflexed flowers with huge prominent black cones. Rudbeckia fulgida var. The genus name "Rudbeckia" of Rudbeckia maxima honors a family of renowned scientists and professors, the Rudbecks of Sweden, who taught Carl Linnaeus at the University of Uppsula. The ubiquitous, perennial Rudbeckia fulgida and annual/biennial Rudbeckia hirta are the only species that most people know. 99 Home & Garden. This species spreads slowly by rhizomes. The foliage is quite striking because of the steely blue color and waxy sheen. Description. The basal leaves are up to 24" long, and are unique within the genus thus making the species unmistakeable. Cabbage leaf coneflower ( Rudbeckia maxima) is in a class of its own, with striking 18-inch-long blue-green leaves. At the top of each stalk are large, wide, brown-green centered, yellow daisies. A Prairie Planting Idea with Helenium, Rudbeckia and Grasses The charm and appeal of this prairie planting comes from the glowing beauty of its flowers and from the grace of its ornamental grasses. Pinching can produce more compact plants in taller varieties. The yellow rays on the blossoms of Rudbeckia Henry Eilers are rolled instead of flat and give a quilled effect. Rudbeckia fulgida var. Rudbeckia laciniata 'Herbstsonne' ... Plants can be collected from the nursery Tuesday-Thursday 10-4pm. Skip to main content. R. fulgida is a yellow flowering daisy like flower with stunning black centre. Characteristics: Bog Garden Plants, Butterfly Attracting Plants, Cut flower plants, Drought Tolerant Plants, Giant … Great for cutting. Hardiness zone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b. View our range for sale online below. Rudbeckia Laciniata Plants Seeds 30pcs Organic Easy to Grow Chrysanthemum Flower Fresh Premium Seeds for Planting Garden Outdoor Decor 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £5.99 £ 5 . Planted in masses and drifts of color, rudbeckia, crocosmia, helenium, echinacea, eryngium create drama and impact. We advise you contact the nursery regarding availability should you … Excellent addition to naturalized areas, wildflower meadows, prairies, cottage gardens and borders. Each coneflower has slightly drooping rays and tall dark brown central cones ranging from 2-6” high. The dark brown seedheads persist often into the early winter. The Click & Collect option can be selected at the online checkout. However there may be delays on certain plants due to regular changes in availability busy periods throughout the year. This is a useful Butterfly Nectar Plant or Cut Flower that is appropriate for Cottage Gardens, Deer Resistant Plantings, Low Maintenance Plantings, Perennial Borders, Rain Gardens, Stormwater Management Projects and edges of Water Gardens. Gift Certificates 10% Off – Buy Now! Did you scroll all this way to get facts about rudbeckia plants? The drooping ray florets are a lovely clear yellow. Leaves average 18” long and are entire and oval with long slender petioles. Great Bee Plant!! Rudbeckia is a tough summer-flowering perennial wildflower that likes sun, heat, and humidity. Rudbeckia maxima. With its sturdy stems and tall growth, it fits perfectly in the background of perennial beds. There are 295 rudbeckia plants for sale on Etsy, and they cost $6.33 on average. Black-eyed Susan...Gloriosa Daisy...Whatever you like to call Rudbeckia, this magnificent sun-lover is prepared to greet summer with armloads of long-lasting flowers! Stalks rise from the foliage and are terminated in early summer by bright yellow daisies. Rudbeckia maxima. Spent foliage can be cut back to 6" for a flush of new growth. We hope to change that by offering lesser-known Rudbeckia species such as the 7' tall, powder-blue-leaved, Rudbeckia maxima. You can choose to grow rudbeckias from seed or plug plants. ... rudbeckia seeds rudbeckia plant rudbeckia plants rudbeckia maxima. Plants are 6-8’ tall and 3’ across. These bright, bushy plants have become one of our most popular garden flowers in recent years and it’s not surprising. Rudbeckia laciniata is a tall coneflower species with specimens able to grow upward of 10' tall. This handsome coneflower is heat tolerant and not particular about soil type. Find great deals on eBay for rudbeckia. The most popular color? Selected category All. They surround a large elongated chocolate brown cone. The bold attractive basal leaves average 2’ long with a lovely bluish waxy patina. USDA Zone: 4-9. 19 Results. Include description. No booking is needed for the Nursery. You guessed it: yellow. Although drought tolerant, Rudbeckia bloom better with ample moisture. Plants form basal rosettes of attractive waxy blue-green foliage. I now know that it must be sown fresh. Plants tolerate wet soils, seasonal flooding, heat and humidity. POTTED PLANTS: Trays of 38 plants and 3-packs leave our Midwest greenhouse based on species readiness (well-rooted for transit) and based on order date; Spring shipping is typically early-May through June, and Fall shipping is late-August through September. see more; Family Asteraceae . Large blue-grey leaves and branching stems are topped by large, elegant, yellow-petalled cone flowers with prominent, narrow black centres. 910 Kings Highway Woodstown, NJ 08098 Details R. maxima is a tall herbaceous perennial producing a mound of large, smooth, blue-grey leaves. 23.11.2019 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Rudbeckia maxima“ von Bettina Sch.. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 1397 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Category. ... Rudbeckia-Hirta- Green Eyes- 100 Seeds- BOGO 50% off SALE. COMPANION & UNDERSTUDY PLANTS:  Try pairing Rudbeckia maxima with Aster novae-angliae, Monarda fistulosa, Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red', Carex amphibola, Carex radiata, Panicum virgatum or Sorghastrum nutans. P: 888-998-1951 | F: 888-998-1952, Get Wild, Grow Native This species often forms colonies from long underground rhizomes. Find great deals on eBay for rudbeckia plant. They spread from rhizomes to form colonies. Plants are pest resistant and foliage is unpalatable to deer and other herbivores. Let flower stocks remain after bloom to attract goldfinches-they love the seed. Shop with confidence. After flowering birds love to eat the seeds. Very easy to grow, it comes in both perennial and annual forms, so choose your favorites and design a planting that will keep your vases full of blooms and your garden full of butterflies all season long! Truly wonderful plant with great presence. Prefer moist, fertile well-drained soil. C $3.44. The stems are terminated in 2-3” daisy-like heads. Feb 17, 2015 - Rudbeckia maxima Golda Emanis aka Golda Emanis Cabbage-leaf Black-Eyed Susan. This species is often called cabbage leaf coneflower because the unique leaves are shaped and colored like those of garden cabbage. Plants are appropriate in Groupings or Mass Plantings for Wildlife Gardens or moist Meadows. These great coneflower seeds for sale grow unique plants with very large, bluish-green leaves and yellow daisy-like flowers. From large waxy coated blue grey leaves come elegant tall branching stems topped with yellow petalled black centred cone flowers. By mid- to late summer, the flowering stems rise up seven feet tall and are topped by dramatic coneflowers with two-inch-high noses and strongly drooping petals. Quantity. Smooth, blue, broad leaves. The most common rudbeckia plants material is metal. Sort By: Show out of stock items? sullivantii ( Rudbeckia Goldsturm) is a popular cultivar these two are known as the ‘Black eyed Susans’ available for sale by mail order. favorites to exciting new varieties! Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Weitere Ideen zu mond garten, mehrjährige pflanzen, pflanzen. The Plants Database includes the following 22 species of Rudbeckia . Excellent addition to naturalized areas, wildflower meadows, prairies, cottage gardens and borders. CULTURAL & MAINTENANCE NEEDS:  Rudbeckia maxima prefers full to partly sunny sites with moist fertile soils. The giant coneflower (Rudbeckia maxima) makes an impressive appearance in any garden. Rudbeckia plants are perfect for cut flowers and for encouraging bees and butterflies into your gardens. The bold attractive basal leaves average 2’ long with a lovely bluish waxy patina. BCG 22/07/2020. £9.99. This species can even tolerate flooded soils for short times or drought after establishment. Rudbeckia Seed. In late spring, flower stems rise from the foliage rosettes to 6’ or more. Get gardening inspiration delivered right to your door — from classic Well you're in luck, because here they come. Plants can be quite tall – especially in moist fertile sites. This unique giant black-eyed Susan has a deciduous basal rosette of waxy blue foliage resembling a collard. Height 1.5m-1.8m. Shop with confidence. Rudbeckia triloba is a taller growing species (up to 2m) with different coloration to ‘Goldstrum’ the eye is noticeably brown hence the name’ Brown eyed Susan’ also know … For sun and deep, damp soil. Sunny open spot. Flower stalks can be cut to the ground after blooming to tidy the garden and stimulate longer flowering. Oklahoma and South Carolina. Plants are pest resistant and foliage is unpalatable to deer and other herbivores. Seed are eaten by goldfinches and other small birds. Even though the soil is heavy clay, and very wet throughout winter and spring, Rudbeckia maxima came through with flying colors, grew significantly in size in one season, and remains attractive, with unblemished leaved of large size. For more information on this plant, visit the USDA PLANTS Database:, © 2020 | New Moon Nursery, LLC #YourTMGarden. In late spring through early summer, the flower stalks of Rudbeckia maxima can rise to over 7 feet tall. Genus Rudbeckia may be annuals, biennials or rhizomatous herbaceous perennials, with simple or pinnately divided leaves and large daisy-like flower-heads with yellow or orange rays surrounding a prominent conical disk . Add to Wishlist. This species is a native wildflower from the Southern USA. This plant is a stunning success in my difficult conditions - an overgrown field I'm turning into a wet prairie. While we do sell seeds for this Beautiful Wildflower through much of the year, we are delighted to be able Rudbeckia maxima, with its oversized, paddle-like foliage, looks like a plant that was lost in time and belongs in a world when giant creatures ruled. RUDBECKIA maxima. Plants form a beautiful low clump of large powdery-blue leaves, then tall stems of drooping yellow brown-eyed daisies rise above in mid-summer. CULTURAL & MAINTENANCE NEEDS: Rudbeckia laciniata thrives in part sun and moist soil. It is easily recognizable by its deeply cut gray-green leaves.