His very quick falling speed makes him extremely susceptible to combos, and as none of his moves are generally reliable enough to consistently break combos, many characters with reliable combo moves can rack up large amounts of damage and easily force him off-stage. Shuko; Updated: Jun 15, 2015; Through the Ph1r3 and the Ph14m3s: The Young Lion's Primer. A kneeling outward slash in front of himself and then behind himself. While he would prefer to avoid bloodshed and works to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict, he maintains a strong resolve to see peace return to Elibe. Roy's neutral special move, Flare Blade, is a chargeable sword strike akin to Marth's Shield Breaker. Roy in smash - Nehmen Sie dem Sieger der Experten. While it has very quick start-up, it has the longest ending lag of all his smash attacks, which makes it very punishable when whiffed. For a gallery of Roy's hitboxes, see here. Plattformunabhängig. Overall, Roy's standing relative to the cast remains among the most divisive and debatable of the entire cast. He only has one voice clip for taking light knockback (shared with, He only has one voice clip upon being blast KO'd (also shared with Mewtwo, as well as, Roy's up smash, Flame Sword, shares the same name as. Roy is an upstanding and thoughtful fifteen year-old young man with a natural proclivity to help and support others. Starts at frame 5, making it a great tool for spacing, combos, and stopping approaches. Due to acknowledging Marth's superiority to Roy in Melee, Sakurai sought to modify Roy's attributes and moveset. Performs an outward slash while climbing up. While his character archetype is commonly viewed as being in the rushdown and/or glass cannon categories, he cannot effectively function in either role due to his poor recovery, unimpressive range for a swordsman, and vulnerability to combos. Leave a like if you enjoyed! Although tournaments do not currently allow custom moves, it should be noted that Roy does not have any due to being a DLC character. These results, however, were not enough to repair Roy's negative perception, and subsequently saw Roy being ranked 50th on the second tier list, placing him at the bottom of the low-tier. Roy (ロイ, Roy) is the protagonist of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, the sixth game in the Fire Emblem series. Die Relevanz des Tests ist für uns im Vordergrund. Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Seite. A reverse gripped downward slash. These views were especially noted because his semi-clone, Marth, and by extension Lucina, were considered poor characters at the time. However, since this involved a game franchise never distributed outside of Japan beforehand, Nintendo was wary of keeping the unfamiliar fantasy swordsmen in Melee in its overseas releases. Amiibo Roy - Super Smash Bros. series Ver. Steps forward, bends close to the ground, and does a flurry of five stabs. [3] He was then made available as downloadable content on June 14th, 2015 alongside Lucas and Ryu. Während lokale Läden leider seit geraumer Zeit ausnahmslos durch zu hohe Preise und … Despite his extremely low representation, which was unseen of a perceived high-tier character, most of the community believed that Roy was a viable character, with ZeRo notably going as far as saying he was the best sword-wielding character in the game. As such, he must not only utilize his own special moves properly, but also adapt as best as possible against characters that possess their own custom moves. Herzlich Willkommen zum großen Vergleich. The game's story is laid out with ten introductory chapters starring one of Eliwood's allies, Lyn, meant to introduce players to the Fire Emblem style of tactical play, with the other 20+ chapters containing the main story.