Growing clematis in containers is easy if you choose the best variety and use the right materials. May 10, 2020 read more. balearica, c. ‘Early Times’ Tidy dead stems or old foliage in spring. Clematis (also called virgin's bower, traveller's joy, & leather flower) are a flowering vine often grown in gardens up a trellis, fence, or on the side of a building. Clematis 'Advent Bells' Clematis of the Month for December 2014. You matched 289 clematis. Filaments cream or … an evergreen, winter flowering Clematis with superb vigour and hardiness to -10C (14F). We will be opening up our Nursery from this wed.13. Showing suppliers of Clematis 'Advent Bells' (C) (6 results) Mail order. White clematis in a container with lime green nicotinia. Better to avoid hard pruning during summer dormancy. A new and interesting hybrid of nepaulensis and cirrhosa Freckles. £9.50 PRUNE 1 Scented Clematis Advent Bells... Pruning Evergreen Clematis. 2 lt pot (60cm cane) in stock (shipped in 3-5 working days) 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 5 5 1 ADD add to wishlist Clematis cirrhosa var. Flowering all winter (Nov-Feb) Email Address: Name: Advent Bells Clematis cirrhosa 'Advent Bells' , is a nice winter flowering evergreen clematis that has great nodding heads that are pinky on the inside and creamy white on the outside. Clematis 'Advent Bells' Clematis?Advent Bells? Nodding blooms… More Info Bring colour and scent to your winter garden with Clematis Duo Collection. A + sign indicates photograph(s) available. Australasian clematis Mainly involving species native in Australasia. Flowers are similar to Freckles but with a sturdier form. However, we have a lovely selection of not only Evergreen but also Winter Flowering clematis to adorn your garden. Plant database entry for Clematis 'Advent Bells' with 26 data details. Train up obelisks, fences, walls or in patio containers. Clematis Advent Bells. Map view; List view; Taylors Clematis Nursery. Sun shade: sun or semi shade ; Grows in: Walls & Fences Flower Colour: Red Longevity: Shrub . Clematis 'Advent Bells' £22.99. The Clematis Duo Collection comprises of Clematis 'Advent Bells' and Clematis napaulensis. Show mail order suppliers only (6) Find a plant. Advent Bells A new and welcome variety that flowers November - February. Click a name for details. The nodding, cup-shaped flowers of Clematis ‘Advent Bells’ are creamy-white outside, with showy, red-speckled markings inside, and a prominent cluster of stamens. Clematis 'Advent Bells' clematis (group 1) Eventual height & spread. Clematis Clematis Variety or Cultivar 'Advent Bells' _ 'Advent Bells' is a vigorous, evergreen climber with variable, lobed or unlobed, toothed, mid-green leaves and, in winter, nodding, bell- or cup-shaped, creamy-white flowers, heavily marked red to reddish-purple inside. Clematis Cirrhosa Advent Bells. ''Advent Bells'' Name: `Advent Bells` Group: Cirrhosa Group: Colour: cream with red speckles: Flower diameter: 3-5 cm : Flowering time: 9-1: Height: 400 cm : Zone: 9: Pruning time: 3: Pruning height: 200 cm : Seed heads: yes: Climber: yes: Info: Raised by Roy Nunn in the UK, introduced by us in 2013. So far very impressed with the freedom of flowering and seems to have reasonable hardiness if grown in a sheltered spot. Bring a gorgeous scent to your outdoor space with this Clematis Advent Bells Plant Choose from 1, 2 and 3 plants Unique winter-flowering Clematis hybrid with lemon-scented blooms Evergreen… Fogliame minuto, verde lucido, sempreverde. Clematis cirrhosa var. Clematis cirrhosa ‘Jingle Bells’ is the perfectly named subject for day 14 of The English Garden Advent Calendar.. purpurascens ‘Freckles’, c. p. ‘Lansdowne Gem’, napaulensis, ‘Advent Bells’, c. var. Clematis 'Jingle Bells' Usually starts in late January. Latest News. As the name suggests, Clematis 'Advent Bells' produces its nodding, cup-shaped flowers in winter, when few other plants dare to bloom! Clematis Plant 'Advent Bells' - MH7192 - Flower Plants A to O - Flower Plants - Flowers - Garden - Dobies Clematis Crystal Fountain ('Evipo038') (PBR) £27.99 Buy in stock (shipped in 3-5 working days) Clematis 'Abundance' £19.99 Buy in stock (shipped in 3-5 working days) Clematis … One, Two or Three Scented Clematis Advent Bells Plants. The bell-shaped flowers of herbaceous climbing plant Clematis cirrhosa ‘Jingle Bells’ flourish in winter when many plants are in a state of a decline, and they add a … The foliage is almost-black and exceptionally ferny - setting off the slender, dainty flowers well. cirrhosa, c. var. If the clematis you are looking for does not seem to be listed, it may be on the database under an alternative name. 6-8ft. More abundant than the ever popular Freckles. The … We are open from Wed.13th May.