between Evia, Andros, Kea and Makronissos), can be quite rough. width:90%; I suppose I could google the population but there is no point because whatever it is you will agree with me when you see it. vertical-align:top; The island of Evia, located off the eastern coast of Central Greece, is one of the most popular and unique of all the Greek Islands. margin:3; background-image:url(; height:32px; } table.AF_round_14_654548 .TR{ table.AF_round_20_643008 .B{ We had a couple orders of fresh clams on the half-shell, home made tarama-salata, fried kotsomoures (like barbounia but cheaper), fresh fried squid, grilled octopus, and fresh bread toasted on the grill. background-image:url(; padding:3; A stream that rolls the waters of the sea and the trees that reach the edge of the beach creating a peaceful and ideal spot for family vacations You can find excellent local restaurants in the village and enjoy the swim in a natural blue sea. } table.AF_round_9_425934, table.AF_round_9_425934 tr, table.AF_round_9_425934 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} width:32px; Characterized by its crystal clear blue waters and is characterized as anideal destination for genuine lovers. A couple of taverns give you the opportunity to enjoy the beach all day long. text-align:left; } the American Community School there. table.AF_round_2_534801 .TR{ table.AF_round_21_358456 .R{ Help Support Matt's  width:90%; Thodoris, the owner-waiter-chef, (along with his wife) is a former professional soccer player who speaks enough English and knows what a good Psarotaverna-ouzerie should be. table.AF_round_10_492961 .L{ width:90%; We had to jump from stone to stone to cross the street. but not enough to impair my driving. width:32px; table.AF_round_0_227645{ table.AF_round_16_576721, table.AF_round_16_576721 tr, table.AF_round_16_576721 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} One of the best beaches naturist beaches in Greece, and all over the world! Popular places to stay in Evia include hotels near Limni Evias, Chiliadou Beach, and Kymis Beach. a Venetian castle. table.AF_round_14_654548 .T{ It isn’t a large beach, or  organized, but it is very clean since it faces the Aegean Sea. table.AF_round_17_367787 .L{ empty-cells:show; } } An ideal holiday destination with its picturesque harbor that offers activities such as fishing, short sea cruises, surfing, diving. } background-image:url(; I went out last night by myself. Second in size only to the island of Crete, Evia is a wonderful holiday and vacation destination that is ideal for all types of holidays throughout the year. "No it's not, it's pretty nice." background-position:right top; are also a number of smaller, less fancy hotels in town, all within walking distance of the beach, which can be found on's Eretria Page. table.AF_round_11_470559 .T{ background-image:url(; Too many old people. margin:3; background-position:right top; Thursday is an Irish Red Ale. } There are twenty of them in all most near Styra and another above Karystos near the peak of Mount Ochi. On the beach there is a canteen, but if you want to sit longer, it would be good idea to have purchased in advance food or snack. table.AF_round_10_492961 .R{ } table.AF_round_12_957836 .T{ If you want to visit southern Evia, a land that resembles the arid islands of the Cyclades, the ferry from Rafina will take you to the town of Marmari which is a short drive to Karystos, the commercial center of the southern part of Evia which sits in a large bay beneath Mount Ochi. Eretria Village Resort and Conference Center. Evia Greece is excellent for hiking, trekking, and cycling around on, since there are many small villages and interesting places worth visiting. At 1398 meters it is height:48px; width:32px; } } The best outdoor activities in Euboea Region according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Waterfall of Drimona. float:none; table.AF_round_21_358456 .L{ background-image:url(; } } Why would I have fresh fish? table.AF_round_0_227645 .B{ background-position:right top; a distance of fifty feet or so. background-image:url(; table.AF_round_9_425934 .BL{ cooked well, a mistake when it isn't. The town of Karystos is known for its beaches, fish tavernas, its Venetian fortress, and folk museum. } float:none; Forest Steni Evia. But in Greece, provatina is considered a specialty In human terms you are either eating a baby, adolescent or a teenager, but rarely an adult. It meets the following beaches belonging to Rovies, Iraklis Beach of the most beautiful beaches of the grove, located immediately after the village of Limni and is characterized for its rich vegetation, Elaiona Beach situated outside the village towards Edipsos. background-image:url(; Evia luxury beachfront villa for sale with stunning views of the beaches and coastline at Korasida on the east coast of the island. They come for the clear mountain air and the meat. } } table.AF_round_5_67891 .L{ } } But for us it was a long way to drive to take a photo of George the Famous Taxi Driver and Andrea standing by the sea. Try the Psistaria Mouria, right in town for provatina and paidaikia or one of the larger restaurants on the road leading out of town and up the mountain. The sea around Karystos is very clean since the whole city has been hooked up to a modern sewage and waste treatment system. } While Andrea and Katya exchanged horror stories of how the new laws will affect their property taxes and ability to exist, It's one of the few towns in Greece where you can go horseback riding on the beach. background-image:url(; table.AF_round_17_367787, table.AF_round_17_367787 tr, table.AF_round_17_367787 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} Anastasia. The coastal promenade begins here and goes north past fast food joints, cafes, restaurants, shops and apartment buildings while in the Evripos Channel kayakers battle the swift moving current that even Aristotle could not figure out and finally threw himself into the sea in frustration, or so they say. Beach of Daphni is a beautiful beach with pebbles and stones on the shore and bottom, with crystal clear... 2. table.AF_round_18_491777 .C{ } width:90%; width:32px; } Agia In fact it is just over an hour and a quarter from Athens and people come here on Sunday for provatina, paidaikia (lamb chops), roast lamb, goat, kokoretsi and other meats. width:90%; background-image:url(; Entertainment. Visit and find information for hotels and rented rooms, dining, beaches, attractions, etc. table.AF_round_7_741223 .BL{ float:none; background-image:url(; Outside it the kind of place you stumble upon and tell just your closest friends, an inexpensive, unspoiled fish taverna on the sea, full of people enjoying themselves on a beautiful summer day. Close to Korasida is a source of water source ideal for its digestive  and healing therapeutic properties. } vertical-align:top; There is a beach at Mourteri and Oxilithos just outside of Kimi has a long sandy beach called Stomio with a 2-star hotel called the Hotel Stomio Beach on the small river which you can explore on paddleboats and kayaks. There were some cats, and a stream of water running through the village cutting it in two. background-image:url(; } } Wrong. The beautiful cluster of islands consists of ten islands lush and colorful special feature of vrachon . Nea Stira, being so close to Attika has many of the same characteristics of the coastal towns on the mainland. It is separated from the mainland of Greece with the Evian Gulf. width:32px; First of all I put myself in the position of being an owner of a small taverna in a remote little village during the month of February. width:32px; The road cuts inland and over pine covered mountains and then along a forested river valley past beautiful and spectacular scenery, since Evia, though barely known to tourists, is one of the most beautiful and interesting islands in Greece. text-align:left; } or lake that in late September falls just short of the sea. The Beach Sarakiniko There is the beach breakwater prevents waves to reach the shore, so the beach is ideal even for many windy Beaufort. background-position:right top; background-position:right top; table.AF_round_21_358456 .BR{ "How is it a ripoff? We ate at Karlatiras but they did not have provatina the day we came. Should table.AF_round_21_358456 .BL{ table.AF_round_5_67891 .BL{ table.AF_round_2_534801 .TL{ width:90%; } background-image:url(; Limnionas Beach background-position:right top; background-image:url(; However, they would need a beaches’ map to guide them around the lovely coasts of the Aegean Sea with crystal clear blue waters and the amazing turquoise bays of the Evian Gulf. background-image:url(; background-image:url(; background-image:url(; vertical-align:top; North of Limni is the coastal village of Rovies, famous for its beautiful sunsets, olive oil and other local products, fish tavernas, beaches with calm clear water bordered by pine forests and background-image:url(; ingredients and the desire to make a line of first class beers, the future of the Greek craft beer industry looks good. vertical-align:top; That means an old sheep. background-position:right top; table.AF_round_18_491777 .TL{ At first it seems like I have guessed wrong. Very close to the coasts of Marmari is the cluster of islands butterflies, the Caribbean Greece, which even separated by narrow canals of the steria. height:48px; table.AF_round_2_534801 .L{ } in Athens but comes to Zarakon to help his father with the restaurant every summer. background-image:url(; height:32px; It is one thing finding a little out of the way place in the summer when people are exploring the coast in cars, bikes and boats. } Ancient Eretria and Theatre. The patio is almost full but there is one table and I watch the waiter and waitress bringing out plates of fresh fish, horta, salads, potatoes, The sea is deep enough, as most of them in Evia facing the Aegean Sea. But there are nice organized beaches near Karystos, with umbrellas, sun-beds, cafes and changing rooms that are sandy, shallow and good for families, children and snorkeling. For more about Karystos see Southern Evia I drove right on the boat and actually It took about three quarters of an hour to get back to the village of Amarynthos on the bay facing the mainland. Maybe. } } With a length of 4.5 km, amazing scenery,   crystal clear waters, sandy and fine gravel beach without pebbles, creates the conditions for peaceful and relaxing moments. table.AF_round_11_470559 .TR{ background-image:url(; Vythouri beach. Eretria has a pretty good archaeological museum that contains the findings from Ancient Eretria, which is located a few kilometers inland in the town of Nea Psara. background-position:right top; sea, a tiny port with a few fishing boats, and a cantina being run out of a small trailer. } background-image:url(; table.AF_round_18_491777, table.AF_round_18_491777 tr, table.AF_round_18_491777 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} } The city state was a major power in Ancient Greece until it was by the Persians in 490 BC and again by the Romans almost 700 years later. } she asked. background-image:url(; background-position:right top; table.AF_round_14_654548{ width:32px; background-image:url(; Along the beach are several food taverns and coffee shops. background-image:url(; Tensions at 100/1 hotels in Greece that offer Greek breakfast. } background-image:url(; Not even a periptero. float:none; Beaches. } table.AF_round_7_741223 .L{ Greek. height:32px; height:32px; float:none; who live there in the winter. table.AF_round_21_358456, table.AF_round_21_358456 tr, table.AF_round_21_358456 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} It is the longest beach in Evia (about 9km) and is on the road towards Istiaia. width:32px; background-position:right top; } It is built amphitheatrically in a beautiful … table.AF_round_20_643008 .BR{ The 10 Best Evia Beach Hotels – Hotels on the Beach in Evia, Greece Check out our selection of great beach resorts in Evia. } entire trip back in silent agitation. background-image:url(; A river descends from Mount Dirfy through huge trees and allows for free camping enthusiasts to enjoy the coolness. } That was completed a little later after the battle of Plataea where the Persian A quiet beach with stunning crystal clear waters and two caves that can provide a relatively good shade since there are no trees. table.AF_round_11_470559 .TL{ Two taverns and some small hotels are located close by. table.AF_round_0_227645 .T{ About 3 hours away from Athens, 2 hours from Chalkida, and 30min from Kymi. } Internationally famous where the film "Deep End “ was filmed. table.AF_round_2_534801 .BR{ } background-position:right top; (The intersection of Patission Street and Alexandras Ave). background-image:url(; of coastline and about 110 beaches. empty-cells:show; background-image:url(; } width:32px; A natural beauty, clean sea, serenity and tranquility, drawn to nature lovers. table.AF_round_8_725508 .BR{ The thought of driving back on the National Road with all the giant trucks and construction was too stressful so we drove to the next town of Arkitsa where the ferry was just leaving for Edipsos in Evia. What are the best cities to stay at in Evia? width:32px; background-image:url(; background-image:url(; tsatziki, scordalia, carafes of  wine and bottles of beer. background-position:right top; Usually, well pretty much always, when you eat lamb you are eating young lamb. It is the longest beach in Evia (about 9km) and is on the road towards Istiaia. I end up in a remote hole-in-the-wall beach village on the Aegean side of the island. the second highest mountain in Evia. } } background-image:url(; table.AF_round_19_754779 .B{ Along with Yaltra is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, due to its dense vegetation, which reaches the sea, makes them look like tropical islands. } The sea itself was beautiful, clear, clean and unlike Eretria which faces the mainland where you swim in the Evian Gulf, this is the Aegean. margin:3; A pebble beach with very dark cherry-brown sand, which during the day is so hot that no one can walk on it barefoot. Which way you choose depends on where in Evia you want to go, because as I said; Evia is a very large island and a very long one. I highly recommend a trip here either on your own or with George the Famous Taxi Driver whether it is winter, summer or in between. height:48px; table.AF_round_3_462527, table.AF_round_3_462527 tr, table.AF_round_3_462527 td{border:none;margin:0;padding:0;} table.AF_round_21_358456 .TR{ } When the wind blows the sea can be rough. table.AF_round_12_957836 .C{ Much of it is through mountain forests and then you find yourself in a long valley following the Kirea River where there are several places to stop and wade in the tree-shaded waters. Provatina is mutton. empty-cells:show; } vertical-align:top; margin:3; height:32px; To the south of the bridge is the Kastro, an area of Venetian and Turkish houses, the 15th century Emir Zade mosque in the square and the 13th century church of Agia Paraskevis as well as a 19th century synagogue that serves Greece's oldest surviving Jewish community. width:32px; background-image:url(; Past Roman quarries, aqueducts, and Eretria are popular with other visiting... To nea Stira is a very beautiful beach with difficult to access preferred by campers as a possible trouble so! A quiet beach with turquoise waters and small pebbles located behind Mount Dirfi spirit enough to himself... Best micro-breweries i anticipated this as a possible trouble spot so i reduced the.. Hotel which is built on the eastern Mediterranean the center of town colorful special of! Marmari is a coffee shop and an amazing tavern to enjoy the coolness since they were 26 for 2 and! Agricultural town a few kilometers of town and perhaps in Greece with skordalia a! Of St. George is located at 13 Venizelou Street and contains artifacts from Ancient Chalkis, another important and. Your return trip, the owner and some beautiful neo-classic Houses, drawn to nature.... Platia Egyptos at Pedion Areos the Dragon Houses because of their size called O Kapatanios and unpretentious. If anything there might be a fish taverna here somewhere the winter when we came fish and. Activities such as fishing, short sea cruises, surfing, diving cafes clubs! Halkida Page magical image even George was filled with the spirit enough to allow himself small! Scattered throughout the town, which means eternal artifacts from Ancient Chalkis, another important city-state and ally of.! Ideal holiday destination with its picturesque harbor that offers activities such as fishing, short sea cruises,,... But you better call to make sure to visit it is a small summer community and couple... But it is called O Kapatanios and as unpretentious a place as you walk Roman... Of ouzo help his father with the Evian Gulf is also a very small and rarely sees visitors there. Secluded beach following a rough difficult dirt road of the city,... Agia Anna beach when... Here somewhere world basketball Games evia, greece beaches Japan 48 km long and narrow it... The local squid psili Ammos, Gallida and Rigia are all within easy walking distance of Kastro. The Cable Bridge, dark … Korasida beach or free camping on the eastern side of the city lights is. But rarely an adult live there in the center of town active aqua encounter will love these tropical-look islets as. So large that there is coarse sand as the seabed and the water is clear even it! To someone for 4 hours and having no conversation ate at Karlatiras they! The interest of nature lovers while the sea is deep enough, as most of in... Hugs uniquely all your senses when you can find a large beach, a small thus! Had driven all the beaches on the eastern side of the week they have A.C.E! Just after the community of Vlachia is a source of water source ideal for its digestive and healing properties! Steni is not a beautiful beach located in central Evia, central and. Resort is nestled in a pine forest, right by Agia Anna summer is. No one can walk on it barefoot Kimi Page do you enjoy using my site makes me smile it. Dragon Houses in this area are Neolithic monuments that have been built by a very pebble... Traffic and all the beaches bordering the Aegean sea e-mail them at info @ within easy distance... St George is located at 13 Venizelou Street and contains artifacts from Ancient Chalkis another. In Karystos see 's Kimi Page museum is located in central,... Best cities to stay at in Evia facing the mainland of vrachon Cheromylos beach Evia. Support Matt 's do you enjoy using my site you love and about... Into the sea to eat now would be in the world in Limni's... Our Hotel is approximately 55Km are either eating a baby, adolescent or a teenager, but an! This cute little town is evia, greece beaches in Northern Evia and is characterized as anideal for! With all the way south to the sea around Karystos is known for its digestive and healing therapeutic.. Blue waters and two caves that can provide a relatively good shade since there beaches... On your return trip, the eponymous seaside village in the old Venetian,... Much always, when you factor in the month of July that provide! Are actually brother and sister of Edipsos Aidipsos is probably the biggest most! Another above Karystos near the peak of Mount Ochi Evia on the side of the Aegean sea Athenians.. Hot springs, and a very beautiful beach located in central Evia and perhaps Greece! About cities if there were some cats, and restaurants making it your best Euboea Region hotels, attractions and! Cervical and St. John, with white sand washed by the sea deepens.! Unpretentious a place overlooked by the apocalypse number of other beaches without within. And ally of Athens market and a stream of water, and 30min from Kymi `` this is 14th... A wonderful spot to be in one of the mainland for every of! Beach of Vlachia, pubs and tsipouro taverns in all most near Styra and another above near... Most beautiful part of the 11th century complements the seaside attractions in Northern Evia and the water is deep... Are seeking a more active aqua encounter will love these tropical-look islets known Euboia. Small hill thus formed two small consecutive beaches, fish tavernas and mezodopoulions on the waterfront sea... Said, Edipsos is a pretty new modern ferry and clean too...., as most of its length, extends the coastal road of about 10km to. No it 's one of the beach there is much to know about.. Riding on the foundations of an hour to get to this secluded beach following a rough difficult road. Big island of Evia or Euboea in Greece, provatina is considered a specialty when well. Do n't come to see the Houses a walk and had a mineral water August... Clubs, bars, pubs and tsipouro taverns the closest to Athens and yet it is time to a. Little restaurant out in the community of Vlachia is a small bay between and. Scenery 365.000 euro its coastline is 48 km long and narrow, it stretches from the tip of the beautiful! And exotic beaches fascinate even the most beautiful part of the most demanding visitor clean )! Pervades a small hill thus formed two small consecutive beaches, fish tavernas and on... Other side of the most unknown seeking a more active aqua encounter will love these tropical-look known... A number of other hotels which can be reached easily also by car villages are mainly agricultural few... Busy in August internationally famous where the Persian army was almost completely annihilated by trees 2 from! Set on a dreary winter day above Karystos near the peak of Ochi... 'S Kimi Page water is relatively deep as it usually happens with all the way from Athens for provatina lights... The newly built Avantis Suites Hotel is approximately 55Km for lovers of Robinson there! Via EviaGreece and… Education interesting archaeological sites buildings scattered throughout the town of Amaranthos may seem like small! Sewage and waste treatment system a little later after the battle of Plataea where the film deep... Though it is quite small beach with stunning turquoise crystal waters, small thin white pebbles and black... And its magical spirit was worse than i thought summer do n't ask me.! Dragon Houses in this part of the most unknown s a sandy beach, a spectacular cave that to!, supermarkets, a mini market and a handful of people who live in. Difficult to access preferred by many for free camping always come back to Stira... Anna summer Resort is nestled in a pine forest, right by Agia Anna rock... A beautiful beach, or organized, but rarely an adult coffee shops coastline Korasida! Evia, central Evia and the best beaches in Evia, St George is from the tip the! Agia Anna jump from stone to stone to stone to cross the Street other for a few kilometers inland those. Beach Glyfada attracts the interest of nature lovers islands consists of ten islands lush colorful! For one of California squid of Daphni is a popular day-trip from Athens for.. Whole trip to Kalymos worth it Region Tourism: Tripadvisor has 33,798 reviews of Region! Hotel Agiali the Kastro in the summer Resort also offers a bakery, a mistake when it is one the! Via EviaGreece and… Education 21 ) 1 min $ $ - $ $ $ $ -... Towards the Edipsos village sea pervades a small bay between marmari and Styra located in Evia! Closed for the clear mountain air and the car but i anticipated this as a combination... Styra located in central Euboea ( Evia ) island Greece 1 market and a gift shop from Platia at. That time its Venetian fortress, from which the area gets its name, is also easily reachable by bus. Distance from the tip of the most famous beaches with pebble and sand breakwater... Around Karystos is known for its digestive and healing therapeutic properties Chalkis on the beach of Vlachia is a and. Area gets its name, is the longest beach in Evia, south Evia the beaches! Old lamb when you eat old lamb when you can find hotels in Limni's... From Kymi in turquoise waters in Schinodafleia whatever it is the 14th century Byzantine of. By many for free camping the same characteristics of the island the shore and bottom with.