Every time I look at this photo it relaxes me and makes me wonder about how these athletes can reach depths of 300ft. Faisal Azim/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Sunao Chiba/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. When I snapped the pic, the oxpecker appeared on the verge of being inhaled and was perfectly positioned between the massive gaping jaws of the hippo. Back at the hostel, we head for the rooftop to be met by the intermingling, heady sounds of the Muslim muezzin, Jewish sundown prayers at the Wailing Wall and Christian Church bells ringing. One afternoon, a friend tells me he has made an amazing discovery. We require your consent to store cookies for certain categories of functionality. Very friendly and curious lionfish in the Red Sea. I write separate letters to Mum and Dad and I say, please can I leave? I changed the design up a bit. 2020 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2020. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., "The oxpecker was originally sitting on hippo's head. Not many tourists visit the place at dawn, so the location is bit peaceful early in the morning. I turn to my companion; we’d shared our first kiss earlier and I know that his presence has changed my life irrevocably. Wang Kai Chen/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Alain Schroeder/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. It pretty seems like an oil painting. This relaxation ceremony is completed with massages to soothe tired muscles and demonstrate mutual respect. My huband has to work and I can’t stay in the courtesy hotel room any longer so we walk, me and my girls and my bump, sweat pouring down our foreheads. I’m swimming with my children in the river that curves around the valley, south of Norwich, the city we’ve made our home. I’m in India, fresh out of University and unsure of my next steps, deferring to voluntary work and travel to guide me. Eduardo Minte Hess/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. So the previous week I’d sat in an internet café, chewed my bottom lip and decided that yes, it was time to email the boy from the bus. Announcing the winners of the inaugural TripFiction ‘Sense of Place’ Creative Writing Competition. "I wanted to capture the palace and other two water structures also in the frame. The night before this photo, we tried all day to get a good photo of the endangered white rhino. ‘You’re the first white people most of these villagers have seen,’ our host tells us. Appearing in the NatGeo Traveler Competition., Ian Bird/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, "The night before this photo, we tried all day to get a good photo of the endangered white rhino. He or she proceeded to do an epic face plant, which I found was the standard style of penguin landing. This photo appeared in the NatGeo Traveler Competition., Howard Singleton/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, The Yetis of Nepal - The Aghoris, as they are called, are marked by colorful body paint and clothes. We’ve stared at the Al-Khazneh Treasury for a long time, carved into sandstone mountain. I feel lighter now. We’re heading up to Tower Two’s observatory on the 110th floor and it makes me giddy just to think of it. She has drawn on places and moments of her life that have helped to shape the mother, wife, writer and woman she is today. The story must be suitable for readers 8 to 11 years. David Hewson, a judge in our “Sense of Place’ Creative Writing Competition, tells us about the experience. I can’t see my feet anymore and I move, penguin-like, towards the Chinese bridge that crosses to the water meadow. The waiter grins and vanishes before returning with thick black coffee, so bitter it makes my eyes smart. Relentless deforestation has precipitated the loss of 90% of the orangutan population in 100 years. We’re staying in bandas, simple wooden huts, and now that the day has emptied of heat, we can walk. 1272x1249px 608.83 KB. BY KATRINA KEEGAN. I catch a brief glimpse of dazzling blue as a kingfisher swoops to the water’s surface. A sauna at 2.800 meters high, in the heart of Dolomites in Monte Lagazuoi, Cortina, part of the eastern Italian Alps. We eat fresh crab and vegetables in coconut milk as we listen to the muezzin’s call to prayer, a Christmas with a difference. How does he know? This Week in Pictures: Top Photos from Around the Globe. The next top three entries will be assessed and edited by the competition sponsor, Dianne Bates. Marketing I want to leave but he’s still grasping my hand in his. I did capture it. But 100 Feet Road is busier than normal, buses, cars, bicycles, mango-piled carts and the odd cow careering along. The mournful beauty of it takes my breath away and a tear steals down my cheek. The Scratch-Offs and Fast Play drawing prize winners listed below are notified via the email address that is currently on file in their VIP Players Club account. I’m bored, fidgety and hot and don’t want to play with my sister, she’s too small, and I don’t know where my brother is. He is … If you look carefully, you might notice the person enjoying this natural beauty. Pan de chocolate! Located in the heart of Jerusalem, next to Israel’s government assembly building, the This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., Shane Wheel/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Beautiful view of Jalmahal during sunrise. Congratulation to one of our lucky winners last week, Rojeh. The grand-prize winner will receive an eight-day National Geographic Photo Expedition to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. ‘Not me.’. Unquestionably. Leaning forward, he pinches my toddler’s cheek. ‘Hello, baby.’ The ‘baby’ does not look amused and bats his hand away. Thats why I have used an ultra wide angle lens to capture this frame. Kushti is the traditional form of Indian wrestling. Catch Rebecca on Twitter and connect via her website. Katrina Keegan, Class of 2020, studied for nine months in Chisinau, Moldova through the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program. The posture of these two women at the local pottery store, taking a short break for conversation, express dignity, while the colours of their saris perfectly blend with the scenery. Toto 2nd prize winner wins S$2.9 million, highest since reopening … I used a 10 stop ND filter to capture the movement of the water as the sun set in the distance." I visited Deadvlei in 2008. I try not to panic, gobble up my ice cream and cross back over the bridge that will take me along the cobbled street towards home. Peter Gedei/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. We’re waiting for an auto-rickshaw to take us to a bookshop we’ve been visiting since arriving here a few months previously for my husband’s job. ‘That’s the baby,’ she pouts, pointing to her sleeping sister. The word in my mouth tastes as exotic as the tiny black salted olives and warm sesame bread and saying ‘husband’ to the man who sits opposite me, the man I married two days ago. Christian Schlamann/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Taken from a helicopter this is an ariel shot of Dubai land and sea. The next day, I’ll be heading to Seville to teach English and If I’d known this would be the final time of seeing him, would I have changed anything about that last morning? Every year on Matsu's birthday, the believers place a great amount of firecrackers under Matsu's palanquin, they surround it and ignite the firecrackers causing a cinematic blast scene. Three faiths, one city. All I want right now is to get on that bus and leave; yes, even if it means sharing it with chickens and goats and evangelists. In her crocs and bright kanga shorts she runs, past a hoopoe settling in an acacia branch, past a Maasai herding cattle. But now, three years on, I don’t want to be here. Team BP. This is the most intrepid of our stays so far in India during the six months of what we call our ‘family gap year.’ Walking up the steep, rocky incline, my son tugs at my sleeve, gesturing towards the villagers who are standing on their roofs, staring in bewilderment. He has tight, sandy curls and when I glance at him, his blue eyes glint. I can hear the cow bells and smell their raw, earthy pungency. But at least there’s a breeze here and I edge beneath a sycamore. Second Prize Winner of the 2016-17 Writing Contest. Monopoly Jackpot Second-Chance "Collect and Win" Game St. Patrick's Day Payout Second-Chance Drawing Winners Powerball/Pro Football Hall of Fame Trip Winners $100,000 Jolly Jackpot Second-Chance Drawing Grand Prize Winner 2014 Baseball and INDYCAR Ticket Giveaway 2014 Spring Sports Ticket and Cash 5 Giveaway 2013 I’m walking through our garden in my cotton dress. Second Prize Winner Gravel crush working place remains full of dust and sand. South India serve the New Year's festival of Pongal. That time came in May of 2015. This young calf played with me during 30 minutes under the control of his mother, a great memory! I remember my friend telling me that if you wee on flowers they grow better. I loved the imposing buildings, huge lawn that stretched down to the athletics pitch and quiet woodland fringed with rhododendron. With proper lighting the permanent ice in the hall shines in beautiful blue tones, which add enchantment atmosphere to the frozen hall. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. Jassen T./National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. I frown. Author: Spencer Sharp & Prince Ea Country: USA Category: Short Film An epic presentation of where humanity stands today and how we must all work together to… Jae Woo Snow/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. James Smart/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Stefano Zardini/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. 27 April 2016 @ 1:25PM (AEST) Less than two weeks after a Set for Life entry purchased in the regional town of Gunnedah won First Prize, New South Wales has chalked up another Set for Life win with an entry from the Sydney suburb of Gymea scoring First Prize in draw 263 on Monday 25 April! I stand nervously on the wooden boardwalk that juts out over the jade-coloured sea. ‘The Alphabet of Life’ by Rebecca Stonehill – second prize winner in our ‘Sense of Place’ Creative Writing Competition. My father and I eat breakfast beneath a swathe of bougainvillea, cypress trees etched on the horizon. ), which can be reached only by experienced cavers. I lie back and splay myself out like a starfish. No, I wouldn’t. "Away from the crowded village square, I found this 'make up artist' focused on applying make-up on a young woman. For four days they fed on their prey, and this beautiful male was ready for a nap after filling his belly. High tide fills a natural pool hugging the cliff side and low tide offers up secrets from the sea and my children spend hours discovering starfish and brightly coloured seashells. The building that has swallowed my daughter is so grey and squat and impersonal; as uniform as the blue and black of her mandatory school wear. I could see the hippo was going into a huge yawn and the oxpecker had to vacate it's perch. I gasp. I feel discomfort prickling. My friend and I have escaped from the kibbutz for the weekend where we’re spending our gap year, a break in picking avocados at the crack of dawn. The Moeraki Boulders are unusually large and spherical boulders lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach. However, he passed by as if he did not perceive us and continued feeding from leaves and grass. These boulders are grey-colored septarian concretions, which have been exhumed from the mudstone enclosing them and concentrated on the beach by coastal erosion. Such a close encounter was surely breathtaking." When will we be home? We sit there in silent reverence, contemplating our futures. These pigeons keeps flying across the lake once in a while, which I used to fill my frame. I photographed the woman who finished shellfish fishing in the evening of the day of the flood tide. She loves reading, having family adventures, playing the piano, being in nature and, of course, travel. College Admissions Assistance is proud to announce our next Davide Simiele/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Second Prize Winner of the 2018-19 Writing Contest Sophia Zaller, Class of 2019, writes about her experience living with a host family during the Winter 2019 Rabat: Middle Eastern Civilizations in Morocco program. Captured in Kruger National Park in South Africa, this lion was one of four coalition males that had made an elephant kill during the night. At the end of a workout, wrestlers rest against the walls of the arena covering their heads and bodies with earth to soak up any perspiration and avoid catching cold. The weather’s due to change tomorrow and we’ve come here straight after school, eking out the day with a thermos of tea, biscuits and books to read on the banks. Getting to the Diving Board was quite a challenge, as there is no official trail. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., Madeline CrowleyNational Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Pond de l'Archeveche - hundreds of thousands of padlocks locked to a bridge by random couples, as a symbol of their eternal love. Another word for second prize. Freediver Carlos Correa ascending towards the light on a break during the 2015 Caribbean Cup of Freediving in Roatan, Honduras. Using a Q-tip as a brush he used a Georges Seurat like Pointillism technique! Cited as one "who emulates the jesters of the Middle Ages in scourging authority and upholding the dignity of the downtrodden," Italian playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, set designer, songwriter, painter, and left-wing political campaigner Dario Fo (1926–2016) was 1997's 's prize will be up in the next few days hopefully. It’s bizarre, but he doesn’t feel like a stranger. I’m perplexed when I don’t see any. Dubai is know for its grandiose cityscapes, it also has a vast natural beauty which leaves one by awe.The serene turquoise water and the golden hues in the desert sand presents an interesting contrast, Abrar Mohsin/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Official prizes often involve monetary rewards as well as the fame that comes with them. During whale watching activity, you can live some incredible experiences by interaction with this fabulous mammal. and hold their breath for upwards of 4 minutes. A tiny dot in the Indian Ocean, off the Kenyan coast. Anuar Patjane Floriuk/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Camel Ardah - As it called in Oman, its one of the traditional styles of camel racing between two camels controlled by expert men, the faster camel is the loser one, so they must be running by the same speed level in the same track, Ahmed Al Toqi/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? But then I think of the man I met on the bus last month who told me about his own experiences here in Honduras. Today both of the bridges are full of love locks again. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking news? I’m nineteen and in a strange, inarticulable way, I realise how much life there is to live. This autumn, as the world finally took its first tentative steps towards a post pandemic world, we invited adventurous writers... Making it easy to match a location with a book, Find out more about us and our philosophy, Your email address will not be published. I feel it fizzing in my nerve endings: that need to make mischief. But in the fort’s shadow, I pass a palm reader clad in turban, baggy white trousers and pointed shoes who claims the answers are already there, in my hand. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of any follow up comments to my comment by email. Three children, one you will lose. I lean back into a towering beech tree and place my hand against the trunk. As the distant Mediterranean scent reaches me on this hilltop village, I sip at my coffee, luxuriating in the February morning’s warmth. I don’t want to be here anymore. The calm focused look of the artist is contrasted by the nervous, perspiring client - perhaps unsure about the results." What if the flowers don’t grow back? I breathe in deeply, emotion flooding me that these two years of teaching English and high-spirited living have come to an end and that I am to leave this city that has woven itself deep into my soul. “I`m calling to let you know that you are the second prize winner in our big sweepstakes for $2.5 million,” Guthrie said. © 2020 ABC News Internet Ventures. I was working at my family farm some 150 km from the Calbuco Volcano when a friend called me and told me what was happening, I took my camera and tripod and drove to Puerto Varas where a quiet chaos was ensuing and decided to keep on driving to darker area. We’re attracting a lot of attention and it’s exhilarating but exhausting. ألف مبروك للرابح روجيه! We’re met off the bus at a precipitous hairpin bend by some grinning youths, offering to carry our rucksacks up to the Air B n B. If you fall off you could find yourself in a life and death situation. I’m eating a cornetto to stay cool in the heat, still cloying at 7pm. Winterkill by Ragnar Jónasson, dark mystery set in northern Iceland. I don’t like Mummy and Daddy living in different countries, but the mountains are my favourite place in the world. Translated by David Warriner. He smiles back, eyes twinkling and I let my head drop back, staring up through the Persian silk tree canopy. Sunrise at Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. GIVEAWAY – 3 copies of SHIVER by Allie Reynolds. The Buzz Words Short Story Prize is an annual prize awarded to recognise excellence in short story writing for children. Please, I tell the flowers, please grow back. Now, I drop my eldest off for her first day outside school and she barely glances back, backpack and strawberry blond curls bouncing until she vanishes into the swarming high school crowd. Autumn equinox. "This huge male elephant was roaming around some bushes while we approached. Hamish Mitchell/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, While touring the waterways along the Antarctic Peninsula, we saw two Adelie Penguins watching their surroundings from the top of an Iceberg, David Menaker/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. I glance back over my shoulder, confirming that Mummy and Daddy aren’t in the kitchen. The oxpecker also appears to be screeching in terror and back-pedaling to avoid being a snack!" The moon was bright enough to illuminate the sand dunes in the distance, but the skies were still dark enough to clearly see the milky way and magellanic clouds. We are delighted to be able to offer 3 EARLY copies of SHIVER by Allie Reynolds, set in the... David Hewson, a judge in our ‘Sense of Place’ Creative Writing Competition, tells us about the experience. Roger Penrose “for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity”. For there before me is the whole city: the cathedral’s twin spires, the gleaming thread of river, the ancient stone bridges. Eduard Gutescu/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. They like to makeup and dressing for livestocks including cows and goats. The night before returning to Windhoek, we spent several hours at Deadveli. But when we reach the bottom of the Twin Towers, my mouth falls open as I gape up at the shiny steel glinting in the sunlight. They are the most entertaining creatures to photograph and kept a smile on my face throughout the course of my two-week excursion to the Falkland Islands. Janet Few is an historian, writer and lecturer who inhabits the past; she has an international reputation... ‘The Trade’ by Debbie Parrott – third prize winner in our ‘Sense of Place’ Creative Writing Competition. There is a first prize of $1,000 and second $500. The five of us are trundling around Normandy in our temperamental old motorhome. I cast one final look at the city’s glittering winter lights before boarding the plane. It’s a long, hot climb and my friend and I stop frequently to rest and drink. I sit there for a while in my car, staring after the space she’s left in her wake and blink back tears. Some describe it as the most dangerous wave in Australia, due to it breaking on barnacle covered rocks only a few feet deep and 10m from the cliff face. The personal emotional and spiritual connection I felt with "The Beginning" I know I had to return someday. Rebecca Stonehill lives in Norwich with her husband and three children where she teaches creative writing for children. For a month, I left my husband and children so I could try to heal, try to re-calibrate the broken pieces of my soul. But now the day has come, I’m not prepared for it. Skulking through the grass carefully trying to stay 30 feet away to be safe, didn't provide me the photo I was hoping for. It was inevitable, really, that they’d get divorced after so long living apart. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., Maja Bednas/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, "As technology shrinks the world around us, it becomes more and more difficult to find ourselves truly lost in the outdoors. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., S. Ram/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Giant waves converge and jump together along the napali coast of Kauai. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., Ed Graham/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Scores of Iraqis Flee Ramadi In ISIS Takeover. From up there, I’ll be able to spot a movie star, surely? Granada, I smile to myself, I’m not finished with you yet. Starting at one end of the flower bed, I pick one after another until I have an enormous stockpile; not even the stems, just the heads. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., Anders Andersson/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, This photo was taken during an afternoon safari in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. The Institut Français du Royaume-Uni organizes a second talk #WomenShapingTheWorld on November 26th, 2020 at 1:30PM (EST), following its first talk with conductor Claire Gibault about Conducting and Equality in 2018, and in the wake of the inaugural edition of the Maestra International Competition for Women Conductors last September! ‘The Marrakech Express’ we call it, and it’s been exhilarating, maddening, exhausting, hot. The moon lights our path and if we make it up in time, we’ll catch sunrise. 12.5k Likes, 295 Comments - zomato (@zomatoin) on Instagram: “ 2nd prize winner of ₹5,00,000 #zomatoloot @mayurvhande many many congratulations we hope…” It’s too much: the musty cloakroom smell and the taste of boiled cabbage; the disappointment when incoming letters don’t have my name on them and the inability to get away from the constant throng of girls who are everywhere, all the time. Second Prize Winner: “Icy Melanin” Kiana Marie Herndon (Age 12) Philadelphia, PA $500 We hang them from a festive branch and they glimmer like baubles in the sunlight. I am standing in Plaza San Nicolas in the old Moorish district, the ochre-coloured roofs sloping away before me and the Alhambra Palace framed by snow-capped mountains. Yosuke Kashiwakura/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Set in the FRENCH ALPS. I’m boarding a flight to return home after nearly a month in a village overlooking the Appenzell Alps. Whitefrost over Pestera village in Romania. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more.. Transcript of Video (PDF) (1 pg, 67 K) Project Summary (PDF) (1 pg, 91 K) This photo was taken on Bleaker Island. 18 Apr 2020 . ", Sophie Carr/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, A bird's view of tulip fields near Voorhout in the Netherlands, photographed with a drone in April 2015. And I can see our house, usually so comforting. Traditional haymaking in Poland. And locals visit the lake in the morning and feed the pigeons and fish in pond. A heron takes flight from the reed bed and as I swim along the narrow stretch of river, this thought comes to me: Norfolk. ‘Teşekkürler.’ I try out the Turkish word for thank you as breakfast is laid out in the shady courtyard of our hotel. A photojournalistic photograph’s intent is to inform and educate, and eventually, fuel the commencement of necessary reparations. Nine years old and I’m hopping from one foot to the other, for I’m in America – America! But here in Morocco’s understated, hassle-free capital, we walk through the Medina and grin at one another: our mothers were wrong. I met this colorful goat who standing at shabby pink wall. I stare at them, triumphant. So I lift my dress and crouch, tears now streaming down with the exertion of it. Married, I think. still hasn't told me what prize he'd like. I waited all day in the kelp for this shot and after many failed attempts to catch the air time that these little guys were getting, this one finally got skyrocketed high enough. Second Prize Winner of Long Term Project | World Press Photo 2020. I wonder how it can possibly contain the range of her kaleidoscopic shades? "40 below zero with the windchill. Interview with Simon Cowdroy, Second Prize winner, February 2020 Award With two weeks to go before the end of our 15th Award on June 7th, here's another fascinating interview in our winners' series, this time from Simon Cowdroy, … But it’s worth it: from up here we see the Jordanian desert rippling away and a piper begins to play from somewhere below us, the sound carrying and echoing across the valley. Monopoly is a board game currently published by Hasbro.In the game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels. We have fallen in love with this off-grid island hidden in the mangroves, where the sun powers the light for our bandas and our fridge is a stone, water-filled urn. And the significance isn’t lost on me that this has happened in Switzerland where my father lived; where my six-year old self once believed she could bounce to the mountain tops. In the morning however, I woke up to all three rhinos grazing infront of me. An old woman in a djellaba walks past, spots the chubby hand sticking out from the sling and clucks. Aerial Image. It’s happening – I am diving. This photo appeared in the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photography Competition., Manish Mamtani/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, Birdview of a surfer in the famous beach of Praia Mole located in Florianopolis, Brazil.