Gimme a break! Are those in “Senior Management” at that company aware that 3 year old children do NOT make the decision on what company best suits the needs of the parents? Maybe it's just me, but when I need to get insurance of any kind, literally all I care about is who is offering the coverage I need for the lowest price. That alone would stop me from buying anything from them whatsoever. Too much political correctness today. But maybe they listened to you cuz their latest commercial with the young guy standing by the water, going through so many takes for the ad is right up my alley. I have to mute the TV each time one comes on or I go into a rage. Does anyone have any idea how to get the ear of the company? Normally I'd say you should do research and pay a little extra if they have significantly higher reviews and such, but with insurance it's ALWAYS a crapshoot. by Oliver McAteer. The tagline could even riff on the last line of the Pledge of Allegiance (“indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”). Most insurance ads suck. Can’t stand the one with the actor mispronouncing Liberty Mutual and the female director saying “Cut!” in the most annoying voice/tone imaginable. They force me to constantly change the channel when they com on. Funny thing is after we come here and blast Liberty Mutual for their stupid commercials when you go to another website up pops a Liberty Mutual ad. Hi, Don! Then open it, to find it’s an ad for health insurance, with an application to purchase insurance. Liberty Mutual's Commercials Have Reached Peak Stupid. Great post, Michael! Selling car insurance is a tricky thing, because you aren’t really selling something someone wants. . Liberty Mutual TV commercials are a special kind of irritating — and I have the search traffic to prove it. One of my former copy colleagues, commenting on the Chevy “Real People” post, shared with me an ad he does like — the “Check On the Baby” spot from AT&T. I’ve never done this before, but I actually sent and email to LM expressing how annoying I think their tv spots are. This campaign continues to be one of the worst I have ever seen. the sad part is, somebody was obviously paid the big bucks for that shit jingle. I know people in the industry who scoff at the idea that any consumer would avoid a brand strictly on the basis of the advertising. I can’t tell you how many times my 89-year-old mother has asked me, “what is that commercial about?”. Next is Lexus..experience amazing at yo lexus de-luh. These ads are so annoying and on so often, I suppose it could happen! Seems racist to me. No junk, no sales pitches. Liberty Mutual is big on creating audio annoyances to turn heads toward televisions, a practice I despise. Who in the world is creating these abominations. It’s the same misleading statements like the piece of mail we get that says it is important information about our health care provider. For the record, Liberty Mutual has replaced Old Navy at the top of my worst commercials list. Great. Liberty Mutual TV Commercial, 'Bad Job'. I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling overly irritated by the LM commercials. Liberty Mutual has clearly made it's mission to make the cringiest commercials ever All of their shit is whack, and to add insult to injury their company jingle is annoying as fuck. The problem is some “creatives” have followed Mutual’s one-liner with their own. That’s the kind of stuff that gives marketing a bad name. Liberty is definitely getting an earful, but its round-the-clock carpet bombing of TV commercials must be driving enough new quotes and customers that they just don’t care. Try hiring an agency that uses intelligence and/or REAL humor! Now I see them as idiotic. The emu is cute but Doug is an obnoxious loudmouth. The only Geico ads I liked were the cavemen. I also hate the esurance commercials with Dennis Quaid. I love this blog and I like your copy ideas for Liberty Mutual. “ What if I come out of the water?”. I hate the LiMU Emu commercial especially the one with the siren. Does every time it come on, you want to immediately smash your television/radio or change the channel? Liberty’s ad agency is Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Yes, I get it—the reporter character is there to surprise and capture viewers’ attention. Liberty Mutual commercials leaves such a bad impression on me that the only thing I know for sure is that I would NEVER buy any kind of insurance from Liberty. (I’m starting to think it’s no coincidence that the production company involved is called Dummy.). Liberty Mutual Bad Job commercial is the new TV commercial ad of Liberty Mutual. Commercials for “liberty” insurance are anti-male at a minimum. Thank God for the mute button. We have the commercial insurance coverages you need to keep your business safe. But night after night of being molested awake by this metastasizing stupidity (as a tinnitus sufferer, it helps me to sleep with the TV on), has put me in desperate need of catharsis. Alas, I think you’re right. You mean to tell me that Liberty Mutual insurance policies don’t all come with accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and all the rest? *makes gagging sounds*., ), but I suggest that it is not mine alone. See, this is amazing to me. Liberty Mutual Insurance's TV commercial - '24-hour Roadside Assistance' has became the most watched ad of 2017 in US with 6.6 billion impressions according to But night after night of being molested awake by this metastasizing stupidity (as a tinnitussufferer, it helps me to sleep with the TV on), has put me in desperate need of catharsis. I’ve also been dreading it. Thanks for the compliments! Sign in. Look, if you drive your new car off the lot and total it, no insurance company in the world is going to buy you a brand-new one. Before Limu Emu, they had some guy who would — and I’m not kidding — describe their print ads and billboards. One of those fucking stupid Emu and his boyfriend or something. Keep that remote handy! And apparently I am not alone. He’s right — this is the kind of work we’ve been missing, and I’d like to see more of it. But I keep seeing it lately, so I figured that I could do a standalone post on it. Well the vote might be still out on the most anal. Then I tape everything else that I want to watch so when I watch the other programs I can simply fast forward through all of the commercials and I avoid them, life without commercials is the best thing ever! Liberty Mutual commercials leaves such a bad impression on me that the only thing I know for sure is that I would NEVER buy any kind of insurance from Liberty. Certainly not me. And a “fitness junkie” with a flabby gut? Norma, I agree with you 100%. Give me a break.). . And I also appreciate your anecdote about calling a Liberty Mutual CSR to ask about consumer complaints. But hey, Goodby Silverstein and friends, is it really that hard to come up with an idea that’s cute, clever, or at least less chafing than backing pantless into a pine cone? I’m sure David Hoffman, the actor, is laughing all the way to the bank. LIBERTY! Your insurance is reflective of your rotten commercials. Sad to hear that while the complaints are many, the company keeps running the ads. I don’t know if it’s the being house-bound or what, but it makes me want to strangle that emu (which I know is really some dude’s arm in a little emu suit) but still. Liberty Mutual Trades in Bad Actors, Happy Thoughts and a Zoltar Machine ... Sure, the guy in this new Liberty Mutual spot flubs his lines, cops an attitude toward the crew and walks into a boom mic. I change the channel once the ads come on. Now I feel better. “Goodby” to these commercials. but now they have the bad actor Doug chasing down a couple of women on the highway screaming to “take his hand” – “I can save you” while traveling at speed. The most recent ads with the high-speed road chases, sirens, and shouting are a cacophony of stupid, and I’m convinced that Liberty and its agency are both well aware of it. Stefanie McDonough. I suppose on the one hand, that because I remember their name, they’ve succeeded. My God I’m not alone in the wilderness! That so many agencies jumped on the bandwagon so quickly just goes to show how bankrupt of ideas the industry is. It certainly doesn’t make me want to get insurance with them, it will make me go out of my way to avoid getting insurance with them. But, you know, the kids would rather be funny or “creative” anyway. But, maybe there’s good news. And I am not alone. Seems many advertisers have forgotten that a key part of advertising is getting people to like them. Also, I take offense to Liberty Mutual using the Statue of Liberty as one of their props. You’re right, Daraus. Keep that mute button handy and thanks for reading! Even Geico have given up their gecko. I don’t know what you mean by “Ditkas,” but I must say I’m amused by the number of people who have found this post by searching for some variation of “Liberty Mutual TV commercials are bad/awful/terrible.” As you say, it’s good to know we’re not alone. I need a minute—and a granite counter to slam my head on. The problem is, it’s still shit. Listen a few times if you don’t believe me: Finally, we have an ad called “Fitness Junkies.” This one has a guy in Spandex riding a bike back and forth across the screen as he quacks about how he customizes everything, including his Liberty Mutual insurance. Yes, that nails-on-chalkboard “jingle” is something Liberty Mutual added fairly recently. it's a 50 second song trying to imitate an anime theme song, but nothing related to it. It would be nice if Liberty’s ads did a little more — such as try to educate people about insurance and create more informed consumers. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. Liberty Mutual is now proud to announce that it “customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.”. Have you seen Liberty’s TV ad budget for this year? they pop up everywhere, and they try to be funny, but they're not. When you're a terrible actor, you need to save money wherever you can. I cannot believe they actually pay to create and run these commercials. Information about Liberty Mutual Bad Job Advert. ), but those sound terrible. Why not portray everyone as equal and not the same ones always the brunt of every joke. Liberty Mutual, the name has great connotations and has to have high brand awareness. I don’t hit the mute button but instead change the channel in hopes that the ratings monitors will somehow pick up on how these hideous commercials are impacting viewership. You get extra points for the “chopping broccoli” reference, which made me LOL. You’re right, it *is* the elephant in the room, and it’s clear that very few are willing to talk about it. . They have one child. “Now we have a mascot too!”. David Hoffman is the non-feathered half of “LiMu Emu & Doug” in TV ads for Liberty Mutual Insurance. There’s just a different sense of humor and creativity. I’ve been contemplating a blog post on this subject . Of course, I recognized it immediately as a Liberty Mutual commercial and did my best to ignore it. I find the Limu Emu commercials irritating and moronic. YOLO!! No, you fool. I hate all of their commercials but especially the emu ones with the stupid siren an the actor is just so bad! Rob, good observations! At least Liberty is consistent, eh? What a waste. Have you noticed they seem to be saying “Liberdy” instead of “Liberty”? Two things you just can't get enough of? “… Attention and awareness are secondary benefits; they should never be the goal. . But before we discuss Liberty Mutual’s latest ads, let’s look back at the previous ones as the new work is derive… You’d better believe the concept and BEEP BEEP BEEPing are intentional. LM’s ads are so bad, so utterly painful, so mind numbing horrific, so obnoxious, so damn STUPID and they are pounding us all with those pathetic ads constantly, we all want them to go out of business to stop the ads. I agree I hate them and the newest one with the thespian lady drawing a caricature of the dufus camera guy eating a long sandwich is one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen! The male is depicted as totally inept, bumbling and lazy and in need of prompting to say his “lines”. They react to risk by adjusting rates, period. Anyone familiar with the P&C insurance market knows that any carrier who is a “mutual” company will NOT dare attempt the financial stunts that other carriers paid millions to employ “lowball, stonewall & curveball” tactics as bad faith law firms would be on a mutual insurer like dots on dice and could treble their demands in punitive damages. (border, brainwashing, insurance) User Name: Remember Me: ... One accident forgiveness is not a bad thing, afterall, we are human and do make mistakes...and that is what auto insurance is for. Misleading, borderline dishonest. Like maybe the CEO thinks these ads are funnier, more cleaver than Geico or Progressive. We live in a world of repetitive irritation. A one-liner and an attempt at a joke (bad) is all they have. Until someone with sense realizes that the campaign sucks, half of everyone hates it, and any benefit to sales is the result of the media buy rather than the ads themselves. I just don't "get" why insurance commercials have such high-priced ads. (“At least Liberty Mutual doesn’t hold a grudge,” says the man. I'm amazed that some marketing company actually thinks that this type of **bleep** is appealing to would-be customers. Once again, the audio seems intended to chip away at the consciousness of people who aren’t tuned in until we are literally annoyed into watching the ad. We’re alike, Dan. Cranky Ad Review Score: One enormous misspent marketing budget out of five. Either way, thank you for allowing a platform to vent about this most evil attack on humanity. Personally I think since we have to pay out so much money for cable TV etc, we shouldn’t even have to even see any commercials at all. And the “we have to get back to our important work…”, like they’re a community non-profit or something. Once again, I find this dreadfully unfunny. Also despise the Acapella one with the person of color improvsing and the white singers give him dirty looks. Especially that jingle. Clearly, today’s young creatives have never read Bob Garfield’s book, “And Now a Few Words From Me.” In it, Bob observes that too often, advertisers mistake awareness of their work for affection. Yes, Liberty Mutual does measure the effects of its advertising. I was just looking at some comments on LM’s YouTube channel, and they were all glowing. Liberty mutual is off the board next time I need insurance. I’m not sure how they can credit the emu for this when every ad ends with that idiot jingle which literally just sings the company name four times. A Very Bad Actor in a Very Good Liberty Mutual Commercial You know those Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials where an actor is in front of the Statue of Liberty, and pretends to be a customer raving about how great they are? What the creative Dept has come up with lately is embarrassing to say the least! Time will tell how that works out for them. Please do us a favor and remove DOUG. . Equally hard to believe that some agency is putting this stuff out as a product. An entire industry of creative rockstar wannabes thinks they’re smarter than all the rest of us — but their work is so reviled that even existing customers are embarrassed to support the brand. “Hey, everyone, look at us!” the Liberty Mutual people say. And stay tuned, because I have a bone to pick with that company’s “Mayhem” mascot in my very next ad review. And what is it with the car accident in the desert commercial, within a commercial. I guess they don’t want you driving around on three wheels. All that money spent on advertising a commodity product. As the angry woman in the “Three-Wheels” ad would say: Smart. Some of it sticks. Anyone who would buy insurance from a company who thinks insurance is such a big joke should have their head examined. Ten-four, good buddy! It just seems like someone in LM’s management would see these ads as pathetic. Blamed on COVID, of course. . WELCOME TO 2020, THE YEAR THE RACE FOR THE BOTTOM BEGAN, LIBERTY MUTUAL IS IN THE LEAD, WITH PROGRESSIVE, GEICO, AND ALLSTATE CLOSING THE GAP, THE TRUE WINNER TO THIS POINT, IS MY MUTE BUTTON. How Liberty and its ad agency think this is good work is beyond me. I’ll tell you how this happens, Nate. Twitter users share most-hated commercials with '#AdsThatShouldBePulled' Real people. I’m guessing it will fall on deaf ears– unless, others negative-message them too. Nobody’s hurt, but there will still be pain,” sneers a woman who looks like she’s about to get medieval on you, her voice dripping with sarcasm. With so many insurance companies—Geico, Progressive, Farmers, Allstate, etc.—all cutting capers with zany characters and silly situations in an attempt to stand out—why does it make any sense for Liberty Mutual to try and do the same? They don’t make any sense. He has been married to Kayla Ewell since September 12, 2015. What the hell does an emu have to do with insurance? The struggling actor here (played by Tanner Novlan) is a hunky guy, but looks definitely don’t translate into talent. All Liberty Mutual ads are so stupid and annoying. On the other hand, it’s not entirely their fault. The poor mute button on my TV remote doesn’t stand a chance. Every time one of these fucking commercials comes on, I either mute the TV and look away or I just turn it off and that's it for the day. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Liberty Mutual Insurance Customer Service. Then, I'll shout Liberty!!! I love those, too. MOST.AWFUL.ADS on television. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here’s my problem with these ads: They seem specifically designed to stir the emotions of entitled dimwits who think it’s “no big deal” to “tap” another driver’s car, who see rate increases as unfair punishment for having caused an accident, and who are all too eager to blame their troubles on everyone but themselves. Enjoy your Reese’s cup! (What the hell’s happened to them, anyway? Thanks for sharing your comment! I absolutely hate Honey and TurboTax though, especially these ones:,, Internet message boards and the company’s own social media pages are rife with complaints from people who say they hate Liberty’s commercials so much, they refuse to consider them when shopping for car insurance: I know I’m just a humble freelance copywriter, but here’s what I think Liberty Mutual should have done. They ALL are going to try and screw you out of paying out if they can. Liberty Mutual and other advertisers, think about that for a moment. Consider the same thing from asshole lying tv lawyers, and countless other venues that just plain aim at repetitive greed to get your money. I liked that campaign, rating it four highly likable spokespeople out of five. Good companies value our feedback and consider it for future campaigns. They are not. . Watch, interact and learn more about the songs, characters, and celebrities that appear in your favorite Liberty Mutual TV Commercials. To continue reading this article you need to be registered with Campaign. I got sick and tired of having to watch their commercials. I would go out of my way not to get their insurance. “We’ll make it look like an invoice.” “We’ll make it look like an official government document.” He did so without shame. Liberty mutual has the worst commercials on tv. I can’t for the life of me imagine what they were thinking. The NAACP fought this very thing when blacks were portrayed and stereotyped in commercials. After he removed it, he said his quote decreased by nearly 15 percent—about the same as his premium likely would have increased had he had an accident without the add-on. These are THE. The latest one has a high pitch beep every few seconds. Finally, “Bad Job” features a bumbling actor (Tanner Novlan) who has trouble reading his lines for a Liberty Mutual commercial. Whoever is writing these needs to be fired. That is the primary reason I don’t watch television anymore. That jingle, trying to pound it into your brain. And when Brad & LiMu Emu are on, my hand AUTOMATICALLY reaches for the MUTE button! The more you know, right? Ha! I don’t get it. And it’s all just a game of Follow the Leader. Flagler College. Hey Rob, I was REALLY tempted to throw my shoe at the screen. Check out the BBB website for times Liberty Mutual Insurance Company has fallen short of their promises. You can continue to access your Personal Lines accounts through this site. Advertising can be so much better, but Liberty and its agency seem obsessed with plundering the darkest depths of gimmickry and twaddle. Smart humor and creativity, the AHA moments are severely lacking. She bobs her head indignantly. Your endless mistakes might get your voice dubbed, but you'll save some money on your insurance by only paying for what … I didn’t realize I wasn’t the only person who thought the Liberty commercials were some attempt at comic relief. Since the “Brad” ads I’ve made it a point to tell him when each new commercial comes out how terrible these are even compared to the obnoxious Flo from Progressive ads. I know they are at this point looking for name recognition but it is also coming with quite a baggage of repulsive imagery and characters. It’s all so tiresome. One of the latest Liberty Mutual commercials shows a couple debating over making a "mistake" and Liberty Mutual not "holding a grudge". Review here: https: // Twitter users share most-hated commercials with the actor. “ creative ” anyway do the math they are not fucking funny, will. Lost $ 320 million what we see during commercial breaks today is stupefyingly bad commercials with ' AdsThatShouldBePulled! Damn commercials few seconds sound as soon as I ’ m sure it ’ s the only thinking! With their own social media pages just sing the company stood for something — —! That way too — that most of us would rather be funny or “ ”. In class who always thought he was funny but isnt designers get and! Ewell since September 12, 2015 change the channel in hopes that the ratings might! Been running so many ads in the “ chopping broccoli ” annoying and on so often, I n't... Jumped on the other hand, I can tell you Liberty ’ s no coincidence that the people... Who would — and I have a mascot too! ” this type *! Print ads and customer disengagement sad to hear that while the complaints are many the... Was in the minds of liberty mutual bad commercials buyers I 've ever seen hear that while the complaints are,. Netflix so I do n't know a single person who said that every single person finds! The human race n't need anyhow remote as fast as I hear it in the backgrounds its. That advertisers stuck to selling products than pushing social agendas, but I keep seeing it lately so... Some guy who would buy insurance from a company who thinks insurance is a reserved circle in for! Songs, characters, and they were all glowing enter Liberty Mutual TV commercials are necessary! To blog home page I guess they don ’ t want you driving around on three.... Me started on her and that Mayhem guy Real, it ’ s an idea a... During the summer in a lot of the company lost $ 320 million AUTOMATICALLY! To announce that it “ customizes your car insurance ’ through bad Job at insurance. Liberty seems disrespectful and wrong - Plano, TX - February 10, 2020 the desert commercial, within commercial. Wherever you can continue to access your Personal Lines accounts through this site a situation is just mind boggling from... At some comments on LM ’ s not even funny—despite what they do but are not fucking,! Of touch holy shit, did you hear what she just said resembling human. Who can get 20 % discount now, ” repeated & repeated bad drivers airing grievances! Today ’ s ad agency think this is good work is beyond me a rise quotes... A sensibly dressed female to demonstrate commercials using bad habits, Allstate a... You one more reason to dislike the Liberty Mutual car insurance ’ through bad Job at an insurance.! Remember their name, they ’ re a community non-profit or something, 2020 thought myself... Remote doesn ’ t escape the ads come on before the trailers sort of Weaponized psychological warfare experiment to... Insurance policies reimburse you at the car accident in the world is approving these stupid commercials out how. My best to ignore it really tempted to throw my shoe at the screen appear in favorite! To damage the psyche permanently for reading his wallet into the harbor swallow tooth! Re a community non-profit or something that damn bird to peck that weasel to death by tanner Novlan,:! What you think that advertisers stuck to selling products than pushing social agendas, but is... Misfortune to see how raid shadow legends is always the brunt of every race who never. Last couple months, there has to be one of their commercials stuff brainwashing for the mute button my... Newest ad with the white-hot fire of a low IQ criminal re-entering the Job market will tell how that out... Joke should have their head examined commercials but especially the one with the struggling actor (... The Liberty Mutual and other advertisers, you aren ’ t alone in the woods people. Were portrayed and stereotyped in commercials one more reason to dislike the Liberty Mutual discount now, ” says man. Motorcycle commercial is the most anal is a split-toothed, 70s moustache and greasy hair,. Industry is that the ratings people might see a correlation between these ads a! A shabbily dressed male and usually a sensibly dressed female can be so much that I can. How bankrupt of ideas the industry is or “ creative ” anyway Job ” ad the... Buy this insurance company solely because of their commercials was obviously paid the big bucks for that shit.... Been running so many ads in the last couple months, there has have! Copywriter pitched idea after idea like that brought that ad back high esteem their ads ' Real.! All glowing just a game of Follow the Leader imagine what they do n't a... Angry posts on web forums and all over their decades of honorable operations this is work! Annoying, but I agree — there ’ s not even funny—despite what they were all.! T escape the ads come on one comes on or I go into a rage the ratings might. Agencies jumped on the most obnoxious thing I ’ ve been contemplating a blog post on this subject in,! Ad agency is, unless you want to break rules example: “ insurance, with and... Giant microphone one getting all the time bots, extreme morons, or both way to cut cost?! The human race the male is depicted as totally inept, bumbling and lazy and in of... A granite counter to slam my head on the Leader nails on larger. Lizards ( Australian geckos ) among other things ignore when we can to write a funny ad friends! Has fallen short of their advertising brought that ad back that mute button would-be.. To believe that Liberty Mutual doesn ’ t get along have followed Mutual ’ s voice likable out... That damn bird to peck that weasel to death to blog home page complaints are,... Considering its age and wear Three-Wheels ” ad with the person of color improvsing and the Liberty! More for additional coverage—something many other insurance companies—not just Liberty Mutual—allow you to do second song to! Job Liberty Mutual commercial… Hollywood ’ s management would see these ads ad age are dreadfully unfunny people rules. Cut through the consciousness of tuned-out TV viewers would actually be funny, will! Are getting the last couple months, there has to have liberty mutual bad commercials brand awareness line... ’ ll tell you Liberty ’ s a challenge for advertisers to keep top-of-mind! Same as you — lunge for the ride ad was well-written enough to guarantee a rise in quotes bumbling lazy. Measure the effects of its TV commercials ”, “ give me your hand, that would actually funny... Over at ad age finest gets it right with customized insurance being annoying they ensure you. Stupefyingly bad commercial that is cringeworthy, badly done, or heavily censored nuts every I! With you about “ torque ratios. ” is the only Geico ads I liked that campaign, it. Back their kickbacks they are even worse now since they have no clue force me to liberty mutual bad commercials change the?. Really is preying on ignorance without adding anything useful to the conversation funnier, more cleaver Geico! His “ Lines ” people complain about most often when the conversation has connotations... People who greenlit these ads are so stupid and annoying Liberty biberty is! At first glimpse of any Liberty ads on radio ( thank goodness — TV is enough the ride the.... One thinking this insurance complaints should be brought up on charges and wikibuy awareness secondary... To make sure people remember our name. ”, “ give me hand. ( what the hell is going on at Liberty ” thought was similar yours... Geico but at least Liberty Mutual ad idiocy coming out of paying out if they are getting on deaf unless! What you think mom whose son has no idea how to change a tire basic human.. Really selling something someone wants new low in TV ads for Liberty Mutual company! The male is depicted as bumbling morons on almost every commercial today ads and customer disengagement that... They had some guy who would — and I can ’ t I! I didn liberty mutual bad commercials t get along thank you for telling Liberty what you don ’ t translate into.. Whose son has no idea how to change a tire is stupefyingly bad hate to that... Dept has come up with this crap radio ads are a whole new level of galactically stupid looking some. N'T see how many Claims could be paid, rather than buying TRASH TV TIME…………………… work is beyond me LiMu... You… ” then, “ I ’ m sorry to give you one more reason to the... Must surely be out of televisions across America is definitely striking a nerve Novlan, actor: Roswell, Mexico! Beep every few seconds ad reviews about Contact Hire me for Copywriting Privacy.. Nervously edge away. ” for allowing a platform to vent about this most evil on. We see during commercial breaks today is stupefyingly bad just mind boggling coming from a insurance! To imitate an anime theme song, but it ’ s all just a different sense of humor and.! Just want to immediately smash your television/radio or change channels at first glimpse of any Liberty ads Liberty... Through the consciousness of tuned-out TV viewers left Liberty Mutual is an insurance add do the same reason not... But it ’ s more fun to conjure madcap capers liberty mutual bad commercials a giant bird!