[43], A newly formed Priscilla attacks Clare as the warrior watches on, and Clare loses her left arm and a portion of her side. Clare's parents were killed by a Yoma impersonating her brother. 47 during her generation which was the 150th generation of Claymores. In the flashback, Clare realized later that Rigardo's body size, speed, and method of attack are repeated by Priscilla. During their painful transformation, they could only sleep by embracing each other. Overall, Claymore was a series that made me laugh and cry throughout the years. The three warriors proceed west, over the Toulouse border into Lautrec. During those seven years in the North, each warrior strengthened herself individually and polished her own specialty. [32]Later, Deneve tells her comrades that Clare's final words were that she had to stop the rampage of the large Yoki mass and it was the final duty left for her. Galatea, now forced to fight Dauf, orders Clare to rescue Jean while she holds him off[18][19]. Claymores were humans that were altered by the Organization in order to create enhanced warriors to battle the threat of the monstrous Yoma. She finds Rubel and demands Teresa's flesh and blood be put in her[7]. On the other hand, Clare thinks that the strength she has gained from her bonds now overpowers her cowardice, and she summarily cuts off Priscilla's right arm with the Quick-Sword.