Blue Jays also love to feed on suet, especially during winter season. Yes. Does the Blue Jay Make a Good Pet Blue jays are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, this means that it is illegal to own, kill, or harm them. Jays includes crows, ravens, and magpies. Blue Jays tolerate other birds most of the time, but not always. Is it legal to have an owl as a pet in California ? Blue jays are fairly large song birds that sport striking blue feathers. I miss him a lot. Whatever is happening you need time to restore your body, mind, and spirit. These birds inhabit a wide variety of habitats. is the top destination to find quality Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. they would of killed it so. Also, keep in mind, it is illegal for you to try and raise this bird on your own, ALL wild native birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and you can be fined or jailed for keeping this bird in your possession. They are related to crows, ravens, rooks, and magpies. They cannot be domesticated. It is a wild animal, it cannot be "domesticated". While many refer to scrub jays as "blue jays", the blue jay is a different species of bird entirely. But I've taken a liking to him. Take it to a wildlife rescue. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Animals.NET aim to promote interest in nature and animals among children, as well as raise their awareness in conservation and environmental protection. The jays we see in Britain are Eurasian jays. The Florida subspecies live in the area of southern Florida that the coastal subspecies is absent from. Should you hear it, look also for a white rump moving through the air, as this is usually a clear sign of a Jay. This is because nuts and seeds make up the bulk of their diet. They are territorial, and will chase other birds within their territory and away from food sources. One day we were practicing our flying lessons and it began to rain. Blue jays are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, this means that it is illegal to own, kill, or harm them. Blue jays prefer platform feeders, and they like large seeds (like sunflower) and nuts best. If the bird is fully feathered, it is most likely a fledgling and has left the nest on it's own and it's parents are caring for it. Blue jays will mob predators that are found within their territories, and produce alarm calls when predators are spotted, which in turn alerts other birds. Baby Blue grew to be a strong, yet stubborn, adult Blue Jay. These birds are also subject to population decrease in areas of deforestation, particularly if there are no other trees planted. Taking a wild animal out of its habitat and placing it in a cage isn't a very humane thing to do in the eyes of most people, and the vast majority of parrots and other species that are commonly kept as pets … Quite terrible if you don’t know what you are doing. Ravens and … They do not display sexual dimorphism, which means that you cannot easily tell male from female by looking at them. They told me what to feed him and how often. These jays are relatively small, and typically have a maximum wingspan of 17 inches or so. You can also scatter seed on the ground to attract blue jays. Stick with pet birds from a reputable breeder and don't ever release a pet bird on purpose. The most common interaction between humans and blue jays is at backyard bird feeders. It’s also a skilled mimic, sometimes copying the songs and calls of other birds. As long as you have a feeder with a cage and no perch, Blue Jays won’t linger around your feeder. It will die in a few days if you don't. Still have questions? Wings of crows and ravens Although some people dislike the Blue Jay because it will eat other birds' eggs on occasion, research has shown that this does not happen very often. No, you cannot keep it as a pet. can a lone blue jay be returned into the wild after being cared for, for two months. Blue jays prefer high areas in trees, so they are generally safe from most household pets. Look for a rehab here: No, you cannot keep it as a pet. Take it to a wildlife rescue. I didn't see him until the next morning. Peter has free and unrestricted access to the outside and actually spends much of the day outdoors - unless it's raining or something. These birds are named for, and easily recognized by, their uniquely colorful plumage. Birdhouses must have a perch outside of its entry for the blue jay to land on and fly from, as its wingspan doesn't allow it to fly directly through the entrance hole. We have one and it brings in a bunch of birds, like chipping sparrows, that don't like to sit at a feeder but can still bounce around in the hoop. Blue Jays like black oil and striped sunflower seeds, elderberries, cherries, and corn. Ethics of Keeping Wild Birds as Pets . Blue Jays are native here and I don't see any reason as soon as it is older and able to eat on it's own, I can't just turn it loose here. Finally, the interior subspecies lives inland to the north of Texas. Do not worry about your scent being on the chick..birds have a very poorly developed sense of smell and will NOT reject a baby that has been touched. In the garden, Jays sometimes display an alarm call, which can be heard as a kind of “krar, krar” sound. It takes approximately 16 – 18 days for the eggs to hatch, and the chicks begin to fly when they are 17 – 21 days old. Jays are corvids – members of the crow family. It will die in a few days if you don't. Well i found one getting dive bombed by a red cardinal and two mocking birds and they kept nocking him over and the mother was nowhere to be found so i went and grabbed his . Is it okay to keep him in a cage? Their presence can actually benefit other smaller species as well. It will need a cage with a place to perch in it, as a safe place to sleep and to set some household boundaries. Some commonly eaten food items include corn, acorns, grains, berries, fruits, insects, peanuts, and virtually any table scraps that they can get a hold of. Most jays are brightly colored and have crests. However, pets may chase blue jays away from birdbaths or feeders, so you should avoid letting them out when the blue jays are in these areas. Jays are known for being loud, boisterous, and relatively aggressive birds. He comes and goes as he pleases through a small "doggy door" built into a window where we … Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Some people incorrectly assume they frequently eat the eggs and hatchlings of other species. Furthermore, keep the feeder stocked. You can also get or make a seed hoop to hang under the feeder to catch the seed. The California scrub jay is nonmigratory and can be found in urban areas, where it can become tame and will come to bird feeders. He always flew right back to me because he didn't want to go. It is normal for birds to leave the nest before they can fly. He sought shelter in the giant oak tree next door. In their Florida range, they live primarily in pine forests, while in Canada they prefer spruce-fir forests. If you’ve never had a large parrot, like a macaw or cockatoo, don’t even think about a raven. The screaming call usually lets you know a jay is nearby and it is usually given when a bird is on the move, so watch for a bird flying between the trees with its distinctive flash of white on the rump. Directed by Alex Lehmann. It felt like a sign of gratitude and it was such an amazing experience! He was perfectly happy walking around my yard and bouncing all over my deck. I took the baby blue jay to my local nature center and they decided to help me, even though it is illegal. Do you have parakeets who are acrobatic ? Tube feeders are very difficult for blue jays to hold onto, and are more suitable for smaller birds. Wings of jays and magpies are short and rounded, reaching only the base of the long rounded tail. However, if by "tame" you mean as a pet I would say that is a bad idea. http//www.ColesWildBird.comIn this video, the Founder of Cole's Wild Bird Products explains how you can keep Blue Jays away from your feeders. Jays, along with all members of the corvid family, generally require more environmental enrichment and mental stimulation than some other avian species might. While these birds are relatively common, and easily recognized, most people don’t know much else about them. Tube feeders You can substitute small seeds on your platform feeders, and you can change the type of feeders you use. They can, however, thrive in public parks and urban areas with trees. Jays are famous for their acorn feeding habits and in the autumn you may see them burying acorns for retrieving later in the winter. Most of the time they are restricted to areas with plenty of trees. Is it legal to keep him as a pet in my state? Blue jays may be dividedinto four or more subspecies, depending upon how they are classified. But like I said, I let him go. It is a wild animal, it cannot be "domesticated". Pairs of this species tend to be monogamous and mate for life. For a specific feeder to keep them away, consider the Duncraft Squirrel-Proof Selective. If you cannot find a nest, get the bird to a local wildlife rehab for it's best chance of survival. They are primarily blue, with white undersides and chests. Perky-Pet® and K-Feeders wild bird products are trusted brands to bird lovers everywhere. We stared at each other for a bit and then they flew away. jaime lee on July 24, 2019: Clever Consumer. Click on another answer to find the right one... Plant a lot of trees. The Blue Jay is an omnivore, with a diet that varies according to the time of year. I wouldn't exactly call them friendly. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Before you go out and try to catch a Raven or a Crow in order to keep it as a pet and there are a few things we think you should consider. You’re likely to hear a jay before you see it – it has a characteristic ‘screeching’ call. They are one of the few passerines (perching birds) that you can observe migrating. Please Help Pets by Donating One Dollar. The main reason people like to keep a Crow or a Raven is the pet is because they are very intelligent. Their sweet spot appears to be forests with plenty of trees, but not too much. Can u imagine there r people on here saying that a government has made it illegal to keep a bird, and youre all ok with that. the parents are now attacking us when we go into the backyard, as well - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I rescued a baby blue fluff ball that must have fallen from his nest and was being terrorized by my cats. A blue jay checks out the bird feeder which is too small for this big jay in a backyard makeover exhibit at the Oregon Zoo in 2009. Keep in mind, Blue Jays have large built and a suet feeder made from poor quality wire may not be strong enough to hold their weight. Oh and ALL birds ar enot domesticated, except chickens, water fowl, etc.. but parrots, softbills, toucans, etc are all considered wild birds still. I live in Texas...I found a baby blue jay, i think he fell out of his nest. Read on to learn about the blue jay. I didn't want to keep him caged, so I taught him to fly. But I've taken a liking to him. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The blue jay can be beneficial to other bird species, as it may chase predatory birds, such as hawks and owls, and will scream if it sees a predator within its territory. A baby blue jay can be fed by a dropper full of a diet mix found at pet … Urban areas are also easily inhabited, as long as parks and gardens contain enough trees to nest in. Commonly recognized subspecies of blue jays include the Northern Blue Jay, the Interior Blue Jay, the Florida Blue Jay, and the Coastal Blue Jay. Etymology. Blue Jay Feather Meaning. I think he enjoyed taunting my cats- who were mad as hell that they weren't allowed to near him. If you find a Blue Jay feather, it may have a variety of meanings. Jays are medium to large, gregarious birds having heavy bills. Are they able to be domesticated? With no perches and wire caging, the jays can’t reach the seed. They are sometimes viewed as pests because they can drive away other bird species. Its ILLEGAL to keep ANY TYPE OF NATIVE WILD BIRD. Another problem with keeping "wild birds" as pets is that it would be rather unethical to do so. Artificial branches and trees can be used as well as naturally planted foliage. Blue Jays are big, loud rambunctious birds and would not make a good pet. These creatures have very strong beaks, which are built perfectly for cracking open nuts. I walked out onto my porch, and there he was.... with two other birds that I assumed were his family. This is a point we will get back to in a bit. With Mark Duplass, Sarah Paulson, Clu Gulager, James Andrews. Get answers by asking now. Jays can live in most areas as long as they have a suitable place to nest. Feed it whenever it calls. The chicks will remain with their family until fall, when food becomes more scarce. A blue jay nested in our yard and had baby birds. The Jay is famed for its sharp rasping voice, which is pronounced when flitting from tree to tree in dense woodland areas. Jays are most noticeable in autumn when they’re foraging for and burying acorns, but they can be seen all year round. We keep feeders full year-round for the wild birds so finding food isn't an issue and it would be fun to have a buddy Blue Jay (Hubby talks ugly about them cause they tend to monopolize … You need to replace it where you found it..preferably in a scrub or tree so it is relatively safe from predators, and the parents should come back to feed it. They work as a pair to build the nest and defend it from predators, but the female is the only one that incubates the eggs. If you are thinking of offering blue jays this type of food, invest on a heavy-duty model suet feeder. Is it legal to keep him as a pet in my state? A black, U–shaped chinstrap runs down the sides of their faces and under their throats. While she is brooding, the male will bring the female food. These intelligent and colorful corvids are worth learning a little more about. It will poop anywhere it happens to be, multiple times daily. The coastal subspecies range from North Carolina to Texas, but is absent in the southern parts of Florida. All photos used are royalty-free, and credits are included in the Alt tag of each image. When Blue Jays do migrate, they fly during the day, traveling in loose flocks that can number up to 250 birds. Just don’t. What do you think of the answers? Blue jays are an intelligent species in the Corvidae family. First you’ll have to find a lost fledgling needing adoption if it is to survive. There are four different subspecies of blue jays spread across North America. Blue Jays aren’t likely to stick around and wait if the food runs empty. This black band also runs behind the crest of feathers at the top of their heads. Precautions for a pet bird in a smoker’s house. Blue Jays can contribute to forest-growth because they habitually store acorns in the ground and will sometimes not have the chance to harvest the cache. seems like totalitarian oppression to me. If you think a blue jay seems like an odd choice for a pet, you’re not alone; so did Chris Williams, until a very special jay came into his life this past summer. They are quite intelligent, and should be provided with puzzle feeders, different types of toys, and more. As we said above, people who possess Blue Jay instincts are noticeably strong and have the ability to adapt to seemingly any situation. Now that you know what does it meant when you see a Blue Jay bird both in real life and in your dreams, you can easily whether or not you have any of its unique traits. Second, the feather represents healing. With their pinkish plumage, and characteristic flash of blue, they will be familiar to many people as woodland birds that … It was a wonderful experience. ? However, using an area in the throat and upper-esophagus, as well the beak, a Blue Jay can carry up to five acorns for transport to the cache. In a zoological setting these birds should be provided with plenty of flying space for exercise, and lots of vegetation. You may hear your pet’s collar jingleas it used to when they were walking around or shaking themselves. We have the Squirrel Buster which also keeps put big birds like blue jays. It has also been known to sound an alarm call when hawks or other dangers are near, and smaller birds often recognize this call and hide themselves away accordingly. I live in Texas...I found a baby blue jay, i think he fell out of his nest. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. They are wild birds. These birds have not been domesticated in any way. Is it okay to keep him in a cage? Occasionally they will prey on nestlings and eggs of other bird species, but this is uncommon, especially in areas with plentiful food. I miss Baby Blue terribly, but birds aren't meant to be caged... not to mention that his family missed him too. First, it portends a turnaround of some sort – things are about to get much better, so hang in there. Keeping wild birds is illegal. Or choose a whole peanut wreath to distract the Blue Jays. Their striking blue feathers and triangular crest are almost as distinguishing as their raucous calls. They commonly live in mixed woodland forests with beech trees and oak trees. Don’t forget the … Pairs will aggressively defend their territory and nest from a variety of creatures. Re: Blue Jays can make a wonderful pet We don't actually "keep" any wild birds. If it is unfeathered...then look for a nest and if you can find it...replace it into the nest. Meeting by chance when they return to their tiny California hometown, two former high-school sweethearts reflect on their shared past. Birds are cute, what bird species do you like. Blue Jay Pets for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell @ Classifieds - Blue Jay Pets for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in Blue Jay - free,CA,California,classified ad,classified ads The northern subspecies live in Canada and the northern U.S., all the way down into Virginia. Are they able to be domesticated? Stock the feeder with their favorites. If a mother bird has abandoned its baby bird, it is important to feed it and keep it healthy.