Il faisait 10 degré au sommet et il y avait du vent. The views all the way up are definitely worth the effort, though. Difficulty: Hard Distance: 17km (we used the short route up and long route down) Elevation: 1067m Type of trail: Out and back with option to make it a partial loop Time taken: 5 hours. Had to turn around ~500m from the top as the weather was turning but an overall stellar hike. Once past the Glacier House remains, you can pretty much just keep right at every junction. EASY 3.5 mi. Roaring, rushing, milky water is everywhere. EASY 4.4 mi. If you are doing this hike, and have a day or two to spare, then pay for the use of the cabin at the glacier. If you have a bit of fitness and stamina definitely try this hike! An incredible hike and views, not sure why it’s showing up as closed because we spoke with park staff that let us know this whole area is open. Amazing views! The farther I hike, the more spectacular the views become. Contest Year Submitted: 2017 ‹ Previous Photo Garibaldi Next Photo › Garibaldi. Great Glacier is an offshoot of Asulkan Valley Trail into a valley where the glacier has retreated. Balu Pass Trail. Bumped into a large adorable porcupine on the way down. Amazing 360 degree views! You can hike without map, compass or GPS, but keep your eyes open as there is much to see, from snow-cover peaks and tall waterfalls to basking marmots and scuttling ptarmigans. The sound echoes and amplifies in the massive rock falls. DIFFICULT 3.7 mi. Asulkan Valley Trail est un sentier allez-retour de 8.3 miles modérément fréquenté situé près de Columbia-Shuswap A, Colombie-Britannique en Canada. The route Great day trip up to the Asulkan Cabin with spectacular views over the glaciers in Glacier National Park. Despite the name, Asulkan Valley trail reaches alpine levels to provide vistas of glaciated peaks. Asulkan Valley Trail. The remains of Glacier House, a 90-room resort until service ended in 1926. Sir Donald and the Asulkan glacier. Avalanche Mountain and Eagle Peak. Asulkan Ridge panorama Asulkan Ridge is a line of lesser peaks between the Bonney and Sir Donald groups. In 1905 the cartographer and explorer Arthur O. Wheeler wrote on the Asulkan Valley: " A gem of mountain scenery. Beautiful views every 10 minutes. Marion Lake Loop via Abbott Ridge Trail. … The trail runs alongside Asulkan Brook before bridging it high on a slope. le dernier 1,5 km est plus ardu. Cool Bridges too. The hiking trail goes up onto the opposite side on a wooded sideslope and skiers/snowshoers should also go this way. Back in the lush valley, I almost missed seeing the porcupine half-hidden in the thick vegetation next to the path. We’ll detail some bear safety at the bottom of this post. Trail was dry, gorgeous and a bit challenging at the 5 km point and up. Hiked in mid October. If you bring snowshoes, as we did, you can walk away from the water to the left and trek upwards across the snow. Asulkan Valley trail is well-signed and passes other trails before settling into an unbranched path. Well worth the work, amazing views. On this day, it is important to save strength for Saturday’s upcoming marathon mission. Lisa Boutry on June 10, 2020 at 19:03 said: Hi Juanita, Thanks for your interest in this hike! It’s a good workout, but very manageable. Until then half snow cover, half trail. Well worth the hike. We were hoping to finish the hike but the last bridge is not set up yet. After the bridge, the ascent steepens as it climbs the narrow crest of a moraine. The narrow Ridgeline is a bit tricky, both going up and coming down. Je vous la recommande. The Abbott Ridge hike. 5. From a bridge over Illecillewaet River we had view of Cheops Mountain. Distance: 14 km Elevation gain: 920 m Download GPS track On the third day of our Glacier National Park camping trip, Sandra and I decided to hike the Asulkan Valley trail to Asulkan Hut. We met a porcupine on the way down that got my dog in the face with its quills - beware! 20-10-2020: Respect all posted notices and signs; Trail details: Difficult Glacier Crest Trail: Snow covered. It was demolished in 1929. If you wish to use the hut, contact the ACC for reservations. Length 8.3 mi Elevation gain 3,169 ft Route type Out & Back DIFFICULT 9.1 mi. You can hike without map, compass or GPS, but keep your eyes open as there is much to see, from snow-cover peaks and tall waterfalls to basking marmots and scuttling ptarmigans. My Apple health app clocked about 20km up and back, which could be because of the many switchbacks. Le sentier vous présentera des fleurs sauvages et sa difficulté est évaluée comme difficile. 9. Multiple waterfalls and Lush green alpine forest along the way. The huckleberries were still around and paintbrush flowers still in bloom. This is great if you are looking for a variety of sights in one hike. The Asulkan Valley trail was one of my favorite hikes. This trail was a great workout. Though it is long with a 5.4 crux, much of it is easy class 2 “exposed sidewalk.” Combined with easy access via the Abbott and Asulkan Hut Trails, this makes it a popular route, and an enjoyable moderate day. The Asulkan Valley Trail is frequented by not only day hikers, but those seeking to do some glacier travel and mountaineering. Specifically, the trail ends at Asulkan Hut. The Asulkan Cabin is located in Glacier National Park, British Columbia, and is situated high up the Asulkan Valley at Rogers Pass.While you could easily day hike up the valley to the cabin, it's much more enjoyable to spend a night and to enjoy some off trail exploring above the cabin if you are able to spend a couple of nights here. On the left side of the ridge is a lush, green valley and on the right side is a valley of glacier moraine, showing where the Asulkan glacier once lived. Fantastic trail with great views from the moment you get in. Arthur O. Wheeler Hut via Asulkan Valley Trail. We had a good break at the ridge and made our way over Mts Abbot and Afton. Highly recommend. The Asulkan Valley is fairly flat and the trail is very good for hiking. But while Renata and Dinah sauntered back, I zipped down. Awesome views throughout! The trail climbs the slope on our left. A close look at Leda Peak, Pullox Peak and Castor Peak, Back in the valley, I came across a porcupine feeding next to the trail, On the way back, I stopped at Meeting of the Waters, the confluence of two glacial creeks, 82 N/06 Blaeberry and 82N/03 Mount Wheeler. Glacier National Park, B.C. A bit too early in the season but the whole valley was for us alone. Eventually the trail climbs above the brook. 7. The views from the top are spectacular! Asulkan Valley Trail This moderate trail (6.9 km each way) takes in mountains, waterfalls and glaciers as it leads through the Asulkan Valley to the Asulkan Hut. The valley feels enchanted. The Asulkan Valley is incredibly beautiful to walk through it and we regularly look around to … The trail travels alongside a mountain stream, passes the remains of the Glacier House, and leads to several stunning vistas and cascading waterfalls. Keep dogs secure and make sure you have bear spray and you should be good. Pas vu d'ours et il y avait d'autres randonneurs ce qui augmente le sentiment de sécurité. You must pay down by the camp in order to get the key to get into the cabin. 20-10-2020: Respect all posted notices and signs; Trail details: Difficult Hermit Trail: Snow covered. Check out the tent at the trailhead before you head up... there's a board with all of the recent wildlife sightings noted, including a few grizzly sightings right at the tent! This well maintained hut, which sleeps 10 comfortably, can be accessed by hikers, for a fee. Would recommend poles for the way down as the gravel can be quite slippery on the narrow ridge in parts. It's a tough slog the last 1-2km. however, the last 1.5 km are painful and a bit dangerous for beginners hiker like me. Map Chrismar Adventure Map Glacier NP--Rogers Pass ($13CAD; 905-852-6151;; NTS quad 082N05 ($16CAD for waterproof versions; 888-545-8111; Huts $36CAD/person/night; (403) 678-3200;; Askulkan … But Renata, Dinah and I had no plans to stay overnight; for us it was an enjoyable day hike. Day two, scout the neighborhood with a half-day climb of 9,341-foot Youngs Peak, a glaciated 1.5-mile, class 3 … Phenomenal views of the glacier and surrounding valleys from the Asulkan hut. The Great Glacier Trail in Glacier National Park, British Columbia, Canada is a short, easy hike of 4.8 KM (3.0 miles) one-way with an elevation gain of 330 meters (1,083 ft). We encountered a bit a snow - mostly near the last bridge. The Asulkan Valley Trail is a moderate 8.5 mile roundtrip hike that can be turned into an overnight backpacking adventure by renting the Asulkan Cabin at the top.