When Christianity began making converts here, the pagan Romans beheaded him. All the full length Rick Steves Europe PBS Episodes that I could find. Neighborhoods enjoy first class public transit…and, if a train line's decommissioned, it's put to good use with its arches housing colorful shops and the elevated track made into a long, skinny park. It was, and construction commenced. The foot of this magnificent arch is a stage on which the last two centuries of Parisian history have played out — from the funeral of Napoleon to the goose-stepping arrival of the Nazis to the triumphant return of Charles de Gaulle after the Allied liberation. Among countless peaks, you can pick out the perky Matterhorn in the distance. We'll join her for a couple days as she hikes the classic Tour du Mont Blanc. From up above, on the observation deck, it's hard to imagine that just a few decades ago the glacier was so much higher, nearly filling this narrow valley. Pay your respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And here comes Italy. It's time for the revolution of Impressionism to begin. And it hides a lifetime of cultural delights. Arnaud: This is a kir, you know? And as the rich got richer and richer, people who lived in fabulous mansions like this became blind to the growing gap between the haves and have nots in their country. From here the "City of Light" fans out at your feet. In The Painter's Studio, Gustave Courbet takes us behind the scene at the painting of a goddess. In fact, the University of Paris, a leading university in medieval Europe, was founded here in the 13th century. With a guided tour, we enjoy a close-up look at the architecture, a grand view of the city, and more reminders of how, here in Lyon, the Virgin Mary is golden. Virginie: Which…Beaujolais comes together as the third river of Lyon. Classic Episodes. Virginie: So, I have a salad du soleil; it has the foie gras — which — the French love their foie gras. The guillotine is long gone, and its centerpiece is an Egyptian obelisk. Back then the vernacular languages, like French and German, were crude…good enough to handle your basic needs. Then, in the 19th century, the Romantic movement had people all across Europe communing with nature. This ornate, gleaming church fills your view as you arrive at the top of Lyon's Fourvière Hill. As worshippers headed for Mass they'd walk under a relief of Judgment Day. It's like a huge park — part in France, part in Italy, part in Switzerland — and it's busy June through September. I'd say they were probably right. Fortunately, the Tour de Mont Blanc's enjoyable combination of wilderness and commerce means the trail is well-developed for the needs of hikers along the way. Rick Steves' Europe is public television's most-watched, longest-running travel series. This is the empire of death." Rick: And it goes back a long time? Current Episode (aired 14 Nov. 2020) Egypt's Cairo. Dangling silently for 30 minutes, we glide over the glacier. Ordinary people mill about. But you must reserve your beds well in advance. Then climb the 284 steps to the observation deck up top, with sweeping skyline panoramas and a mesmerizing view down onto the traffic that swirls around the arch. Ciara: Exactly. The arch was dedicated to the victory of the people and their republic…the triumph of French Nationalism. Rick: But — no, because I like it. The Virgin Mary was highly revered throughout the Middle Ages. So, you go around it in about 10 days, each day about 10 miles for a total of about 100. The saved stand happily at Christ's right hand. As we head out on what'll be my last day on the trail, I realize that after so many decades, I'm enjoying a brand-new European experience — an experience I wouldn't have found without a great guide like Cassandra. But my luggage is back in Chamonix — and I will be too, in time for dinner. If there are no reservation slots available, try the website again about a week before your visit — last-minute spots occasionally open up, especially for tickets up to the second level only. This season features the Austrian, Italian, Swiss, and French Alps, two episodes on Egypt, and one on Ethiopia. While you can reserve one to seven days ahead for a later time, sights and trails get busier the later you go — I find it's best to leave no later than 8:00 (no reservations needed). The tumultuous history of Paris — starring the Revolutionary years — is well portrayed in this converted Marais mansion (though it's closed for renovations until the end of 2019). Okay, I have my escargot, and I just use this. Arnaud: Yes, I love it. Rick: Tell me about your salad. Claude Monet is called the "father of Impressionism." We'll join the bustle in a mountain resort, and chill in a rustic alpine lodge. They all had to be regulated in the 19th century because they were so wild. The Aiguille du Midi is the most spectacular mountain lift in Europe — and the most popular ride in the valley. Still planning trip to Italy in 2021, but now I see much better flight deals to Paris around Sept 2021. For decades, priests led ceremonial processions of black-veiled, bone-laden carts into the quarries, where the bones were carefully and artistically stacked — as much as 80 feet deep. So, 500 years ago, the noble families of Lyon used to live here. Mountains were a pain. This is Paris at its most Parisian: monumental sidewalks, stylish shops, elegant cafés, glimmering showrooms, and proud Parisians on parade. Dinner is rustic. Hi, I'm Rick Steves — back with more of the Best of Europe. From this 11,000-foot-high station, the lift descends into Italy's remote Valley of Aosta. Packing the best of Paris into one episode, we scale the Eiffel Tower, bask in medieval majesty at Notre-Dame Cathedral, stroll Montmartre and its Sacré Cœur church, study the Latin Quarter, remember the Revolution at Place de la Concorde, saunter the Champs-Elysées, get impressed by the Orsay Museum, bone up on Paris's past at the Carnavalet Museum — and in the catacombs, and sample the artistic high life at the Jacquemart-André Museum. This technique made beautiful silk less costly and therefore more accessible to the masses. …And this was Edouard's bedroom, complete with a deluxe bathroom. The heart of the museum features that deluge, which hit when this man, Louis XVI, was king. True bouchons are simple bistros, serving traditional dishes. The ice cave, a hypnotizing shade of blue-green, is actually a long tunnel dug about 75 yards into the glacier. Rick Steves' Europe: The Making Of. This time we're in France. Everything in this episode is within easy reach by foot or metro. This time we're in France. Carvings like that, and like this scene of Eve tempting Adam with an apple, remind us that this art was more than decoration. Arnaud: Yes, this is the entrée, and actually you guys call the "entrée" the main course, when the entrée is the starter in France. Because, you know, it was to warm up the employees of the central market. Episode 102C: Alps of Austria and Italy. Very good. In many ways, the France we know today grew from this Gallo-Roman civilization. Edouard Manet rubbed realism in the public's face. Rick: Uh huh. Rick Steves' Europe. And then you enjoy! Episode 107C: Oslo, Bergen, and the Fjords*. Cassandra: You know, there are only really three big things that you need to think about. Arnaud: I love it! I wish I could have an apartment here if I could afford it.