Deadhead regularly to prolong flowering. Lychnis Lychnis Variety or Cultivar Oculata Group _ Oculata Group is an erect, woolly biennial or short-lived perennial with ovate to lance-shaped, silvery-grey, felted leaves and, in late summer, branching stems bearing lax sprays of white flowers with bright pink centres. Sometimes called the sticky catchfly due to its sticky brown stems, they will reach a mature height of 40cm. NAME: Rose Campion OTHER COMMON NAMES: Catchfly SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lychnis Coronaria syn. Drought resistant. £0.88 postage. ... Hello, is this lychnis coronaria a plant or seeds? Lychnis chalcedonica. £1.50. Apr 24, 2018 - Explore Tim Butner's board "Lychnis", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Returns accepted. This hardy perennial is also known as Agrostemma Coronaria Atrosanguinea, flowering in July, August. As you can see from these photos, blooms are wide open and are easy for Bees and Butterflies to land on. Drought resistant. Lychnis Coronaria is Easy to grow and very reliable and will self seed around but is far from invasive. LYCHNIS coronaria 'Gardeners World' Double magenta flowers appear on tall branched stems during summer. Sell in: 8cm or larger pots (green plant with label) End Use: Borders

Alternative botanical names: Agrostemma coronaria

Care & Maintenance. Lychnis seeds and daring flower combinations The Lychnis is a perennial and the sowing spot in the flower border has to be selected with care because the red flowers are particularly striking. It comes fairly true from seed but, interestingly, this pink centre varies according to season and weather conditions. HxS 1mx50cm A beautiful short lived perennial with silvery-grey hairy felt-like leaves and sprays of long-stalked, single, pure white flowers in late summer. Lychnis Coronaria Alba is Easy to grow and very reliable and will self seed around but is far from invasive. For about eight weeks in late spring and early summer they produce a profusion of brightly colored rose-pink or scarlet 1"-1¼" flowers. Propagate by seed. If you select the ‘Collect at Trade Counter’ option during the checkout process then we will advise you when the seed is available for collection. Species. When to Cut: Halfway-opened flowers Fun Fact The genus name Lychnis likely refers to the use of a wooly species of this plant used for wicks in ancient times; the term is derived from the Green word lychnos, which means lamp. Height x Spread: 60cm x 45cm. Native to Russia but brought to Britain by the Knights of Malta, it’s a hardy species, bearing clusters of dazzling scarlet-orange red flowers on sturdy stems, in … Read on to learn more … The pink-eyed white-flowered form of the woolly, grey-leaved Lychnis coronaria comes quite true from seed but the pink eye varies quite bizarrely with the season and weather conditions. Pot size 1.5 litre. Lychnis coronaria Lychnis are best propagated by division of the clumps or from basal cuttings taken in the spring. Worldwide. Care & Maintenance. HxS 60cmx50cm A beautiful semi-evergreen perennial with silvery-grey felt leaves and sprays of long-stalked, rose-purple flowers in late summer. This lovely perennial plant produces tall silvery stems topped by deep pink flowers. Description. Sowing Sp: sow in spring once weather warms. Available for Mail Order from April - September Pot size 1.5 litre. Lychnis coronaria Seeds Lychnis is one of our most beautiful and popular garden plants. Free postage. Rose campion (Lychnis coronaria) is an old-fashioned favorite that adds brilliant color to the flower garden in shades of magenta, bright pink and white.Rose campion flowers look at home in cottage garden settings and more. Red - purple redHeight - 80cm (32in) Approx 100 seeds . Hardiness H7: colder than -20°C, Very hardy Z4: to -33°C. Lychnis plants prefer full sun or part shade and well-drained soil. AVAILABLE TO ORDER WITH DELIVERY IN APRIL/MAY 2021 Flowers: June-Aug. Plant in full sun/part shade. Rose Campion plants, (Lychnis coronaria) are easy to grow, clump forming perennials with felt-like, silvery gray leaves and stems, growing up to 3 ft. tall with a spread of 18". Genus Lychnis can be biennials or perennials, with simple leaves and tubular, salver-shaped or star-shaped flowers in terminal clusters Details Atrosanguinea Group are erect short-lived perennials or biennials with silvery-grey, felted, oval to lance-shaped leaves and reddish-purple to vivid magenta flowers on branched stems in summer An excellent all round garden … … Lychnis Viscaria Spendens is a sensational perennial that produces brilliant magenta-pink flowers from June through to September. Type HP: hardy perennial. A lovely long-lived cottage garden plant. Hardiness rating H7. From early summer well into autumn spires of soft silvery leaves are adorned by intensely White flowers standing approx 50cm in height. Lychnis Coronaria,

Dark red with silver-white leaves. Lychnis coronaria HP Lysergic pink flowers, some will be pinker than others. Ideally the soil should be moist and of slightly acidic to neutral pH (5 to 7). Lychnis coronaria. When growing Campion and other Lychnis plants such as Catchfly and Rose of Heaven from seed outdoors then sow on the surface at the start of spring or autumn. Very long flowering. Lychnis coronaria Gardeners' World = 'Blych' Tall stems of fully double, rich magenta flowers over rosettes of silver, felty foliage. L. arkwrightii does not self-seed in the same way. Never overlooked. European Union. Completed items. From early summer well into autumn spires of soft silvery leaves are adorned by intensely rich magenta flowers standing approx 50cm in height. ... Lychnis Coronaria Alba. Rose campion, Red bird's eye, Garland flower, Mullein pink, Corn rose, Crown of the field, Dusty miller, Pink mullein. Lychnis Lychnis. Silene Coronaria. If it is a plant, how big is the pot? If you heavily mulch and compost your garden in autumn, then you are likely to cover over seeds that disperse naturally from the pods. Free Click & Collect. see all. Lychnis coronaria – Rose Campion An easy to grow, long flowering perennial, with rose-purple flowers above downy, silver foliage. It is a plant and its sold in a 1 Litre pot. Lychnis Coronaria is Easy to grow and very reliable and will self seed around but is far from invasive. (1,500 seeds per gram). COLOUR: Magenta PLANT SEEDS: Spring or Fall BLOOM TIME: May – July HARDINESS ZONE: 3 – 10 & Reseeds PLANT HEIGHT: 24 – 32″ PLANT SPACING: 12 – 18″ LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun SOIL & WATER PREFERENCES: Average – Dry Follow us on Twitter. Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria) is a short-lived perennial for zones 3-9 but may behave like a biennial or an annual—depending upon your gardening zone.One way to make sure that you never run out of Rose Campion is to collect seeds or allow her to self-sow. Delivery options. 60cm. Lychnis coronaria 'Alba' (Perfect for Pollinators) £4.50. Lychnis coronaria Occulata. Propagate by seed. See more ideas about Plants, Perennials, Flowers. They tolerate dry sandy soils and coastal sites. 3ft (90cm) An attractive, white-woolly plant from southern Europe with densely leafy shoots and large flowers, 1½ins across, borne gracefully on elongated stalks. Lychnis Coronaria from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: erect woody silvery-grey stems and purple-red or wine-red flowers. Genus. If there is a specific variety or plant you are after, please email us on One of the easiest and most colourful annuals to grow from seed, they bloom profusely from mid summer until frosts and are breathtaking in massed plantings or containers. see all. Flowers: June-Aug. Plant in full sun/part shade. PLEASE NOTE: RECENTLY POTTED UP. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. 'Gardeners World' flowers for far longer than the straight Lychnis coronaria. Perfect in a sunny border or to edge a path. An excellent all round garden border plant which can be planted almost anywhere. In fact they are great for lots of pollinating insects and recommended by the RHS too. Seeds: Flowers turn into brown capsules containing tiny black seeds. Double magenta flowers appear on tall branched stems during summer. These plants are, sadly, relatively short lived so it is sensible to hedge your bets if you do not have an area for L. coronaria to self-seed itself into. Answer. Lychnis Molten Lava. Seed list no 1012. Self-sows. Show only. 'Gardeners World' flowers for far longer than the straight Lychnis coronaria, it is sterile and therefore does not set seed, this maybe seen as an advantage by some.At the base of this clump-forming perennial is simple hirsute silver-grey, semi-evergreen foliage. From the Lychnis genus, coronaria species and in the family of Caryophyllaceae, it’s common English name is ‘Corn Rose’ or ‘Rose Campion’. I got this plant seed as a Salvia and was very surprised to see what came up and just now found out the name ;-) It did well in my Icelandic, wet and cold garden last year and the year before. Best grown in large clumps, these will naturalise given a good sunny spot. This is a lovely cultivar of the California poppy, the blooms of 'Ivory Castle' boasts single, creamy white blooms. Silvery foliage. From early summer well into autumn spires of soft silvery leaves are adorned by intensely rich magenta flowers standing approx 50cm in height. Unlike its single cousin, this one doesn't produce seed… Buy rose campion Lychnis coronaria - Long flowering, over downy 'silver' leaves: approx 500 seeds: £2.4 Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Other names. Height 90cm. Description. London Pride, Lychnis chalcedonica, is also known as Maltese Cross or Jerusalem Cross, owing to its cross-shaped summer blooms. Description White, variable pink eye, grey lvs, sun, well drained. Campion and other Lychnis can grow in partially shaded and sunny parts of the garden that have good drainage. Lychnis coronaria or Silene coronaria 'Alba' / White Rose Campion. Lychnis coronaria 'Angel's Blush' in the 2021 seed distribution. Hardiness rating H7. ... UK Only. 77 sold. An excellent all round garden border plant which can be planted almost anywhere. £3.50 postage. WHITE ROSE CAMPION - LYCHNIS CORONARIA ALBA - 300 SEEDS - EASY PERENNIAL.