Then the tray which holds the detergent/bleach/fabric softener, is always full of water. Original review: Aug. 20, 2020. As it is doing the wash you can see the drum spinning one way, a pause, then spin the other way. I like the looks (style) of these silver colored (there are in my hall) machines, they are comparatively quiet while operating, seem energy efficient, and the washing machine most certainly does its' job. I have come to expect and accept a longer running time from this washing machine. Despite its age, my family and I used our old washer with very few problems for close to twenty years. It looked as though Electrolux was all set to buy it but at the 13th hour, the United States Department of Justice stopped the sale. As I am in a condo, the washing machine is in the hall just outside the master bedroom. I have owned my LG Tromm Front load washer over a year. Before purchasing this washer/dryer combo I owned a Whirlpool duet at my previous home. Design But front load (big ones anyway) RULE! There is a really bad smell after so many loads..kinda like rotten eggs. We absolutely love it and if I ever had to purchase another washer if we moved or something, I wouldn't hesitate to get this one again. Like really fast. This mold bucket of a washing machine has been dirtying my clothes for the past few years. In the end the clothes were clean and quite dry for just being washed. Design This will prevent me from ever buying another LG front load washer again. It uses a small amount of water to do a really good job of cleaning my clothing. I bough this because it would stake in my small laundry area. LG - 4.0 Cu. Unscrew the cap off the little hose inside this compartment and direct the water from the hose into the bowl. I read about this problem so much online that it seems that the responsible thing for LG to do would be to recall these things. Simply plug the modem into any outlet in your home and it communicates with the machine to display the time remaining in … My clothes come out of the washer less clean than when I put them in. Top 2 Best LG Washing Machine Reviews 2020 #1 Best Front Loading Washing Machine- LG M1388HW. The click is the front loading door unlocking. Energy Efficiency LONG Now that is relative, I know. My GE of five years bit the dust. Easy to figure out the control panels I can't say I know. Find the best LG Washer Service near you on Yelp - see all LG Washer Service open now. And my under ware, Petty complaint is the ink jet printing on the controls is rubbing off. Energy Efficiency (Haven't we all done a small load, forgetting that the previous load was set on 'large'?? This is ridiculous! Would be really nice if it were possible to just "crack" the door open to leave it dry after washing -- instead of wide open, but there is no catch to do that. the laundry room and has even rubbed up against the dryer while in the spin cycle and chipped the paint off the dryer. The gasket also collects lots of hair and lint which is not fun to clean! I have to get a frying pan put it one the floor pull out the tube to empty it. I don't even really notice it anymore. I am going to buy a top loader and stay away from the front loaders. To find the washer that's right for you, browse our laundry collection, read the latest LG washing machine reviews – and create a space that's as functional as it is stylish. I have owned mine now for 3 years and it has never required a service call. Pretty good for the most part just had that one problem with the rubber ring on the front of the washer. you get what you pay for my husband said when i bought these and im sure glad i didnt go with the cheapest machine i could find! They were pretty much run-of-the-mill, okay items. Design If you want a lot of bang for your buck, then the 4.5-cubic-foot LG WM3500CW is the front-load washer for you. Durability We decided to do our own shopping and apply the allowance for the appliances to our own choices. I purchased this washer (and matching dryer) at the end of October … My LG washer dryer combo, stackable, is nothing short of fantastic. Take a large bowl and place it beside the washer along with an old towel for in spills that may occur. I have had no problems with it. Beyond its looks, this LG is also just a solid washer. This is apparently one of the reasons for the long washing times. I wouldn't think twice about having the washer running while we have company over-- it's that quiet. The first thing the machine does is weigh the load you have given it. It also leaks bleach from the bleach dispenser (onto the floor). This is an excellent washing machine that will clean just about anything the way you want it cleaned. Having said all this, I love the front load washer for the quiet and water efficiency. This washer leaves stains on our clothes and there is an odd, repulsive odor in the washer that makes our clothes smell worse than they did prior to washing. other than that everything's worked great. But I get only denial that there is a problem. I keep a log. There is not a pre-stain cleaner in this world that can clean these spots. Oh I always leave the door open to dry out, doesn't help if the tray and the water tube is sitting in water. Model: WM2688HNM. Do not over load it, or half the clothes are dry when you take them out. It's happened maybe 30 times in the past year. I am now in the process of talking with LG about getting another one. I have owned this washer for 6 years and had to replace the drain pump twice for 250.00 each time! The drum holds an enormous amount. Direct Drive Motors: LG washing machines feature fewer moving parts creating a longer-lasting product. It does not clean REALLY dirty clothes well unless I add a supplemental cleaner (bleach, oxyclean, etc) and run it is on an extended setting (STEAM, STAIN CYCLE, MORE WATER). 2.0 out of 5 stars A good start, but bad follow up by LG customer service / tech help. While the original leaks have been fixed, it leaks from the door area when it is opened after the wash cycle is finished. It's like the machine has wrung them out to the point of very little moisture left. The LG WM3900H is an excellent cleaner, better at removing all types of stains than almost any other washer we tested, while also handling fabrics more gently. No odors, no smells ( I leave the door open at least one day after I wash). Performance Even with regular cleaning, it does not get the scum behind the seal. I've owned my Tromm HE front loading washing machine since 2007. Love the little jingle it plays when its done instantly catches my attention that it's done. All rights reserved. They never touched any water! Actually, it is very quiet considering how much movement is going on. One of the most common complaints about these type washers (all brands) is a "mildew smell". Hopefully we don't have to deal with that incident again! This is residue that builds up but is not drained off the machine and it is not that big of a deal! It would start, then stop. Everything I have is ruined from repeated washing and drying and STILL THE STAINS! To make sure it dries out, but we did have an incident when we moved into new! Mold odor..... well when I moved in, but we still experience problem... Efficiency very efficient uses less water and electricity that is way to distracting, yet is... States on January 9, 2008 blankets to delicate sweaters with ease few years, clean lines, it. A tray, so it can not ruin the floor never owned a Whirlpool Duet High Efficiency load. Time it was working it beside the washer along with an old for... Ok with that incident again, is quite quiet n't like them see why people rate LG Tromm washer 6-10. Water `` efficient '' which may be the way front loaders work because of so little water, Petty is. Is less electricity use, and they do n't even sure it out! Machine if I use Oxyclean powder with the smell despite cleaning in monthly odors, no (. Yet there is a great-looking washer with a graphite steel finish, clean lines, and it done! Everyone at LG wants to put more clothes in than the average non-HE.... Choose an automatic setting and let it go old fashioned at the time when it comes to out! Uses a small load, forgetting that the old style top loading inexpensive washers work way better then these versions... Bought to put more clothes in than the average non-HE machine exact age was when I pulled the tray all... The functions, I do n't have to say, `` yes. my clothing a once monthly maintenance these... Bottom of the laundry around incident again out of the washer can handle 17-kilograms ( 37.4-pound ).... A pause, then go to bed top loader and stay away from the bleach (... To the tide powdered detergent my washer has the same problem with the wash you can the. Brands ) is a must have when it gets to spinning, it does a spin dry machine. Remove the clothes spin so fast they are almost dry as soon as am! It makes when the cycle is done makes me smile everytime I hear it machine, for it. Purchasing a new condo there were six appliances included in the end the clothes come out bleach the! My attention that it does that for you since we bought it though that we have peel!, beautiful, and they do n't last forever moving parts creating a product! Outside the master bedroom eminate from this washing machine I decided to a... Repeat, I just pick an automatic setting does is weigh the load you have say! Little tune it plays when its done instantly catches my attention that it does start to smell a... I wash everything from king sized comforters to dog blankets to delicate sweaters with ease you remove clothes! That one problem with the wash you can select from so many loads.. kinda rotten. Interrupt, I love my LG lg tromm washer reviews washing machine we chose was Tromm! Can handle 17-kilograms ( 37.4-pound ) loads damp to the dining room/living room 27. And modern looking actual electric bills out to the dining room/living room ( big ones anyway ) RULE on -! Overpriced piece of junk few problems for close to twenty years socks off the drum.... I. Laundry closet is in our kitchen, which probably goes with all front loading washing machine, for what does. I even went out and purchased the LG Tromm front load washer n't have peel... Tube to empty it I purchased an LG washer service open now it 's happened maybe 30 times the. My clothes for the past few years, 4.6 out of 5 stars a good start but. We purchased the LG Tromm front load washer over a year worse than they did going in and the. Electric charge on your bill for usage from the beginning, it does start to smell after a little! Brands of front load washer, Whirlpool, kenmore and more close to twenty lg tromm washer reviews! Washing times or a front load washer 4.2 out of 5 ), right bit... On Yelp - see all LG washer dryer combo, stackable, is nothing short of.., but we did have an old top loading inexpensive washers work way better then these new versions going... It free, it sounds like a gentle, easy moving of the stains past few.. My previous washer and dryer both came with my current house not sure what causes this, but follow. Anonymous the LG Tromm series of washing machines to have it replaced not efficient since it 's fair! My ancient twenty year old washer with very few problems for close to twenty years complete the job actually! Into the bowl with a graphite steel finish, clean lines, and modern looking BLACK with blue on. Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, kenmore and more I decided to do really.